Brian K Vaughan Won Alan Moore Gen 13 Auction – And Is Giving It Away

A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool told you that Scott Dunbier was auctioning off an unpublished Gen-13 script by Alan Moore to help pay the medical bills of comic book creator Bob Wiacek. And it seems that in a hotly contested auction, it was Brian K Vaughan, co-creator of Y The Last Man and Saga who was victorious at a bid of $3433 for the faxed pages. But he's not keeping it to himself. On Instagram he wrote;

Happy Friday, scrollers! Recently, legendary comics creator Bob Wiacek (who inked some of my favorite images ever, including the cover to Uncanny X-Men 210, easily the most badass thing my 10-year-old self had ever seen) has been dealing with some costly health issues. Enter editor extraordinaire @sdunbier, who offered to help raise some funds for Bob by auctioning off the only existing script of an unpublished GEN13 Annual by our greatest living writer, Alan Moore (with Mr. Moore's generous permission, of course). And guess which aging fanboy used some of his ill-gotten Hollywood blood money to acquire this important piece of comics history? The unfinished story (still over 35 pages long!) is a sharp, surreal satire of X-Men, Teen Titans, and the entire industry of that era, and Moore puts more thought into each of his panel descriptions than most of us put into entire series. Anyway, rather than hoarding this lost treasure in my BKVault, I thought I would share it with those of you who are kind enough to donate ANY AMOUNT to Bob Wiacek's GoFundMe page (link in bio!). Please just forward your donation receipt to this email: ThanksForHelpingBobW at gmail dot com, and my correspondence wiener dog Hamburger K. Vaughan will eventually send you back a private link to a scan of the script for your personal reading pleasure. Thanks so much for whatever you can do to help, and I hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there.

Brian K Vaughan Won Alan Moore Gen 13 Auction - And Is Giving It Away
Instagram: Brian K Vaughan

Here is the GoFundMe page, and this is the e-mail to send your donation receipt to: Don't be stingy. The great god Glycon will know. As a preview, here's the text from page one:

The Coming Of The Collector Page 1. Panel 1.

Okay, we start off with a big full page splash picture inside Gen 13's high tech headquarters. Everybody… which includes Fairchild, Rainmaker, Freefall, Burnout and Grunge, is just lounging around looking bored.

Burnout sits somewhere towards the left foreground. He has conjured a naked dancing girl made out of flame on the palm of his hand and is only just looking up from this towards the background as Queelock, Gen Thirteen's interdimensional pet, comes bursting out of a hyper-space colour-effect in the centre of the immediate background, coming towards us and holding something in its mouth, or however it usually holds things.

Somewhere towards the right foreground we see Rainmaker sitting around reading a book: Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown. She too looks up as the Queelock explodes luminously into the space of the room.

More towards the background, Fairchild lowers the massive weights that she has been working out with and also looks at the Queelock, as does Grunge, who is hanging upside down from a beam or something, reading a comic book…Probably its a copy of "Blood-splashed Hooters" or something.

Freefall, floating cross-legged in front of the television in the background also looks round. In the Queelock's jaws he is holding some sort of large and peculiar package in a sort of clear plastic envelope that has all sorts of high tech fastenings and is clearly the work of an advanced interdimensional civilization. There is some sort of large, flat and strangely shaped silvery metal plate inside the translucent envelope, but we can't really make out what it is.

In fact, the translucent envelope will turn out to be the high tech interdimensional equivalent of a giant mylar bag, but we don't find that out until the last four pages of the book. In the foreground, Burnout has a sour and bored expression as he glances up from his dancing fire-girl towards the Queelock and its mysterious parcel.

The Gen Thirteen logo goes up towards the top left somewhere, while the title lettering goes down towards the bottom.



BURNOUT: LASSIE'S come home, and I think she's trying to TELL us something.

TITLE CAPTION: You will never forget..


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