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IDW Publishing Expands Artist Editions with New Releases From DC
Former DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz fired then Wildstorm Group Editor Scott Dunbier from DC Comics, over issues regarding the publication of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, namely that it was a project that Alan Moore had very clear views over what he wanted to be published and they did[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz New Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Go to for more details and pledge for your copies.  Copies can be ordered and delivered worldwide, except likely in Russia. The original press release is below: COMICS FOR UKRAINE: SUNFLOWER SEEDS BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY RAISES OVER $100,000 IN FIRST WEEK Colleen Doran, Greg Hildebrandt and Joe Jusko Join the Project as Campaign Nears End of Second Week of[...]
Ukraine Refugee Comic With Groo, Chew, Grendel, Astro City & More
Friend of Bleeding Cool, Scott Dunbier, has been putting together an incredible collection oc comic book talent to raise money to help refugees from Ukraine More than three dozen comic-book writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, and editors announced Comics for Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds, a benefit anthology with all proceeds going to Operation USA The book[...]
IDW To Publish Artist's Edition Of Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man
Scott Dunbier is a Director of IDW Entertainment, working on "Special Projects" – which tends to be whatever piques his interest And thankfully many others as well Before IDW, he was EIC of WildStorm Comics when they were bought out by DC Comics There he innovated the Absolute format for the Authority hardcover, an oversized[...]
How Captain Action Had To Make Its Own Fake Ads
Scott Dunbier, Director of Special Projects at IDW Publications has been showing off an upcoming Captain Action collection, as well as a solution to something from the comic books that he wasn't able to reprint. The Captain Action collection is coming in May The comics, five of them, were published in the late 1960s Jim Shooter[...]
The DC Comics Editorial Phone List Of 2002
As posted by former DC Comics Executive Editor, and now Special Projects Editor at IDW, Scott Dunbier to Facebook The DC Comics Staff Phone Listing Of 2002 And no, none of the phone numbers work anymore Indeed, hardly anyone on this list still works for DC Comics, just eight do We'll reveal who below, but can[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
Donators in the last few hours have included Tom Mason, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee, Micheline Pitt, Rey Armenteros, Chris Ferguson, Kelley Jones, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ford Gilmore, Don Cameron, Dennis Calero, David Hahn, George Pratt, Bryan O'Malley, Daniel Zalkus, Dustin Nguyen, Sam Humphries, David Brittingham, Schannan E Rose, David Harper, Paul Reinwand, Jeff Parker,[...]
Brian K Vaughan Won Alan Moore Gen 13 Auction - And Is Giving It Away
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool told you that Scott Dunbier was auctioning off an unpublished Gen-13 script by Alan Moore to help pay the medical bills of comic book creator Bob Wiacek And it seems that in a hotly contested auction, it was Brian K Vaughan, co-creator of Y The Last Man and Saga[...]
Alan Moore Faxed Gen-13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay
Once upon a time, Scott Dunbier was EIC of WildStorm, which was bought by DC Comics And Scott Dunbier was the point man for publishing Alan Moore's ABC line of comic books, including Top Ten, Tomorrow Stories, Tom Strong, Promethea and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Then Scott Dunbier was fired over the breakdown regarding the[...]
s-l1600 (8)
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen editor Scott Dunbier, now Special Projects Editor at IDW, is raising money for local San Diego comics people in need, associated with the current global situation Which includes his decision to auction off the rarest League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen of all time and, until today, one that we had never even known[...]
alan moore abc
A few days ago, IDW Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier posted the first page of an unpublished Alan Moore story for a long-forgotten Gen-13 Annual He came across the document when sorting papers and has been posting a few others since Including Alan Moore's original proposal for the ABC line, America's Best Comics Published by[...]
Scott Dunbier was the editor of Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line at WildStorm/DC Comics It wasn't the easiest of tasks In recent days, Dunbier has been sharing some of its history on social media Including encouraging people to guess who the three people who turned down drawing Promethea were, before JH Williams III accepted[...]
The Daily LITG – 15th September 2019, Happy Birthday Donny Cates
Foundation "The Orville": What the Series Can Teach "Star Trek: Discovery" [OPINION] Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity? "Rick and Morty," "Archer" & More: Animated & Overrated [OPINION] This is How Tom King's Batman Ends… Not With a Bang, But With a POW! Meet Anthony Marques, the New Owner of The Kubert School "Lucifer": Kelly Clarkson Wants Netflix[...]
Legacy vs Intent: Steve Ditko's Mr. A Collected Against His Wishes?
stories collected. As fans, what we know of Ditko the man is that he was a person of strong convictions that shine through in his work, so I asked Joshua to put the question to Mark Ditko: was this collection contrary to Steve Ditko's wishes?  To his credit, Mark Ditko admitted that he was aware of[...]
IDW Artist's Edition Wondercon Panel
I am typically not much of a fan of the convention panels where they just announce the new books for the next 6 to 12 months, but the IDW Artist's Edition Panel is always an exception, and with both Scott Dunbier, Director of Special Projects for IDW and the person behind the concept of Artist's[...]
IDW Artist's Edition: Jim Lee, Jack Kirby, and More at #WonderCon 2018
Allowing the reader the opportunity to own and look at in person the highest quality scans of some of the most important original comic book art at a fraction of a cost of what the original art would cost, the IDW Artist's Edition have been a game changer for fans of some of the greatest[...]
Will The iPad Pro Make Every Comic An Absolute Comic? Ish?
The Absolute line of comics from DC, pioneered at the publisher by Scott Dunbier, and now replicated by other companies is a format featuring oversized, hardcover comics hitting 15.8 inches in height The art blown up, the production values and paper quality raised, extras added and maybe even a slipcase. In comparison, reading comic books on most[...]
Today, For The Comic Industry, Is #ThankYouBob Wayne Day
His impact on our art form is probably wider and deeper than any of us could imagine. Like everyone else, I hope he stays in comics. And I hope he writes his memoirs. Scott Dunbier, Special Projects Editor at IDW Publishing and previous EIC at Wildstorm: It's hard to imagine DC Comics not being in New York City—the company[...]
IDW To Publish Original Art From Marvelman/Miracleman As Artifact Edition
As ever the aim is to make the pages look as close to the original  boards at the original size as much as possible. It also represents a chance for IDW editor Scott Dunbier, editor on the ABC titles at DC/Wildstorm until he was fired over The Black Dossier to work with the work of Alan[...]
Tiny Elves Get Big Comic
At ECCC today, Dark Horse Comics announced that Elfquest would be getting a Gallery Edition, the latest format to copy Scott Dunbier's Artists Edition format over at IDW. Effectively this reproduces the look and feel of the original art boards, the comics were originally created on. ElfQuest: The Original Quest Gallery Edition, collects the first five issues of The Original[...]
Desperately Seeking Strange Tales Original Art
Scott Dunbier, senior editor at IDW, is on the hunt for original art pages for upcoming IDW Artist Editions, that seeks to reproduce artboard pages as closely as possible. Pages he's after include twelve for the Jim Steranko's Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Artist's Edition. Specifically Strange Tales #154, page 2, Strange Tales #159, pages 1 and[...]
Jack Kirby New Gods Artist's Edition – Can You Help?
Scott Dunbier of IDW Publishing posted this to the Jack Kirby Fan Group on Facebook, calling for help on missing art for the Jack Kirby New Gods Artist's Edition. Hello Kirby fans, I'm working on the Kirby New Gods book and I'm looking for four missing pages: New Gods #1, page 8 New Gods #2, page[...]
IDW To Publish John Byrne Fantastic Four Artist's Edition
The IDW Artists Edition are works of joy, the product of Scott Dunbier at the publisher, reprinting the artwork for classic stories as close to the original boards as possible, then reproducing them on Bristol board as well, for added authenticity. And they've just landed the Fantastic Four, reprinting six classic issues from John Byrne's run[...]
IDW To Publish Cerebus Book Of Covers
This totally has Scott Dunbier's fingerprints all over it And justifies further the reason he is on Bleeding Cool Magazine #1's "list". But IDW is to publish a book collecting Cerebus' 300 covers, which do not appear in the Cerebus phonebook collections Dunbier has gone to Kitchener in Ontario to start scanning in all the covers,[...]