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Brian K Vaughan Won Alan Moore Gen 13 Auction - And Is Giving It Away
Panel 1. Okay, we start off with a big full page splash picture inside Gen 13's high tech headquarters Everybody… which includes Fairchild, Rainmaker, Freefall, Burnout and Grunge, is just lounging around looking bored. Burnout sits somewhere towards the left foreground He has conjured a naked dancing girl made out of flame on the palm of his[...]
Alan Moore Faxed Gen-13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay
Bleeding Cool reported in 2012 that Scott Dunbier had discovered an unpublished Gen 13 story by Alan Moore Earlier this year, we showed off some of the pages. Alan Moore Faxed Gen 13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay Today, Scott Dunbier put the pages on eBay, to pay towards Bob Wiacek's healthcare needs Dunbier writes. First, all[...]
Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi – More Big Comics From DC in 2021
With Grifter arriving in Batman #101, could a new collection of Gen 13 suggest a lot more classic WildStorm on the way. Batman in the Fifties  18th May 2021 328 pages The most memorable Batman stories from the 1950s are collected in this new title. The 1950s was a decade of change for the Dark Knight Detective, one[...]
Alan Moore and his unfinished Gen 13 story
Eight years ago, IDW editor Scott Dunbier talked about coming across an unfinished and unpublished Gen 13 script by Alan Moore Dunbier was Alan Moore's editor-of-choice when at WildStorm Gen-13 is the teen superhero team created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi, and J Scott Campbell for WildStorm. Dunbier shared with us that he was going to[...]
The New Gen-13 To Be Written And Drawn By Tony S Daniel? (UPDATE – NOPE)
Previously we reported that Tony S Daniel was to write and draw the new Teen Titans book. We were wrong, though I understand at one point it was a plan. Instead, we have now been led to believe that he is the new writer/artist for Gen 13, which we had heard was on the way. Whether this launches in[...]
All-New DC NOW! New Comics Coming In July
Probably. There's a brand new Gen 13 We think. And now there's a relaunched Suicide Squad with Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts With Joker's Daughter, Deathstroke, and Black Manta taking control of Harley Quinn, Deathstroke and Amanda Waller… and they are off to modern day Russia Joker's Daughter Riot? But also it looks as if DC Comics has taken a[...]
Sexy New Gen-13 To Replace Teen Titans
Okay, we will get probably get a new Teen Titans as well. But in the light of the upcoming end of the current Teen Titans run, I understand that DC Comics
The Movement Brings Back A Familiar Face (SPOILERS)
It was a rather embarrassing moment for the publisher. But one of those books was Gen 13, written by Gail Simone, and was well received Last year, Gail write; Gen13 is a weird one for me I had no real attachment to the characters, and they had fallen a bit into disrepair They'd been retconned and revamped[...]
When Letters Pages Go Anti-Gay
But the Bendis Board found another, less considered back and forth from Gen 13 #5 back in the mid nineties Sent by a Patrick Gleason no less, who would go on to be a professional comic book artist, currently drawing Batman And Robin… Patrick tells me; "Yeah, people have brought this embarrassing bit of trivia up to[...]
The Mystery Redhead In Superboy #1, Revealed
Another Wildstorm character ensconced in the new DC Universe. For those not in the know, Caitlin Fairchild, or just Fairchild, was a genetically modified young lady, tall, tough and very strong indeed.This is how she appeared before her transformation back in Gen 13 #1… As a member of Gen 13, she was the team leader and picked[...]