Alan Moore Faxed Gen-13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay

Once upon a time, Scott Dunbier was EIC of WildStorm, which was bought by DC Comics. And Scott Dunbier was the point man for publishing Alan Moore's ABC line of comic books, including Top Ten, Tomorrow Stories, Tom Strong, Promethea and The League Of Extraordinary GentlemenThen Scott Dunbier was fired over the breakdown regarding the publication of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier.

But he still has some stuff from that time. Bleeding Cool reported in 2012 that Scott Dunbier had discovered an unpublished Gen 13 story by Alan Moore. Earlier this year, we showed off some of the pages.

Alan Moore Faxed Gen 13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay
Alan Moore Faxed Gen 13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay

Today, Scott Dunbier put the pages on eBay, to pay towards Bob Wiacek's healthcare needs. Dunbier writes.

First, all money earned from this auction will go directly to Bob Wiacek, long time comic-book inker and all around good guy. Bob has some severe eye issues that preclude him from being able to work. All money earned will go directly to aid Bob.


You are bidding on an UNPUBLISHED Alan Moore script from 1997. Several artists were going to draw different chapters, not sure how many but at least one was intended for Travis Charest. These 28 pages are all that Alan wrote, it is NOT complete and never was (Hence it never being published).


  • Gen13 Annual called "THE COMING OF THE COLLECTOR!!"
  • 28 out of 48 pages were written—35 typed pages.
  • The script was sent (as ALL of Alan's scripts were) via fax. The pages were printed out on plain paper (not thermal fax paper, thank goodness) and are probably the only copies that exist.

This script is being sold with Alan Moore's full knowledge and blessing (since it will help Bob). This is truly the ultimate Alan Moore collectible—an unpublished script by arguably the greatest writer in comics history—one-of-a-kind! If you have any questions please contact me.

Good luck – it has a starting price of o9 cents, but it's just been retweeted by Neil Gaiman and currently sits at just shy of $2500 for some faxed pages. Maybe Tom King could make a bid and then, as Bleeding Cool's Jude Terror just suggested to me he could "add more scenes so he can finally live out his boyhood dream of co-writing a comic with Moore and also make the script about PTSD."

Thanks for that, Jude. Anyway, you know that Geoff Johns would outbid him.

Alan Moore Faxed Gen-13 Script Now At $2500 On eBay

Gen 13 is a superhero comic created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and J. Scott Campbell. It was published by WildStorm under the Image Comics banner, later to bought by DC Comics, who continued publishing the title. The comic features a loosely organized team of super-powered beings composed of five teens and their mentor. The group of teens are invited to take part in a government project, which is in actuality a prison-like testing ground on "gen-active" teens. The teens make their escape, but not before they manifest superhuman powers, and are labelled dangerous fugitives. They rely on each other to fight their foes and unveil the personal secrets that linked them to other Wildstorm organisations, Team 7 and International Operations.

During the height of its popularity, Gen 13 spawned spin-off books, DV8 and Gen 13 Bootleg, as well as crossovers with Superman, Spider-Man, the Maxx, Monkeyman and O'Brien, Generation X, and the Fantastic Four. The Batman/Gen 13 crossover never happened… and we never did get that Alan Moore comic.

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