Could It Be… Generation X From Brian Wood And Kris Anka? (UPDATE)


This looks as if if might pertain to a certain story we ran suggesting Kris Anka was to join Brian Wood on X-Men…

Unless it's something completely different. "Resurrection" might be a too-easy play on Jean Grey and Phoenix. Bit look at the colour scheme. Remind you of…


…at all? Plus from CBR's X-Position;

txgohan is pining for a reunion between old members of Generation X.

With M being brought in on Storm's team and working together with Ms. Jubilee again, can we please get a full on Generation X reunion and put these characters back together? I love the fact that M is playing with the other X-Men but I would like to see her and Jubes back together with Chamber and Husk!!!

Lowe: You're not the only person asking for that. "X-Force" editor Daniel Ketchum pitches that every chance he gets! When we have the right creative team, we'll probably do that book one day!

Ketchum: I'm sure those of you who did the math on "X-Men: Legacy" #300 also realized that we're coming up on the original "Generation X" title's 20th Anniversary next year! I'm not saying that to make any promises or anything… just to make you feel old.

Schaefer: Oh, man, I love Chamber. How is it that I think a dude with no face is still super handsome in the faceparts? Probably the accent. What Nick said, and also in the meantime keep reading X-Men, plug plug!

Maybe they've found the right creative team? And Woods' return to a book he wrote just before it got axed?

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