'Happy!' Season 2 Finale Recruits Jeff Goldblum to "Make Easter Great Again" [PREVIEW]

Aong with that, we have Sax (Christopher Meloni), Amanda, and Happy (Patton Oswalt) getting Saw'd by Smoothie (Patrick Fischler), forced to play his game if they want Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) back - or what's left of her back.So with that level of crazed momentum barrelling towards season finale "Resurrection," it's only fitting that the fine[...]

Could It Be… Generation X From Brian Wood And Kris Anka? (UPDATE)

"Resurrection" might be a too-easy play on Jean Grey and Phoenix Bit look at the colour scheme Remind you all? Plus from CBR's X-Position;txgohan is pining for a reunion between old members of Generation X.With M being brought in on Storm's team and working together with Ms Jubilee again, can we please get a[...]