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Chip Zdarsky & Kris Anka Return To The White Trees With Whisper Queen
Chip Zdarsky and Kris Anka, the team behind The White Trees return to the land of Blacksand with an all-new chapter in The Whisper Queen, a three issue miniseries set to launch in the Image Comics May 2024 solicits and solicitations The White Trees issues will be collected into a reprint available the following week[...]
How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Meet Marvel's Gen Z New Warriors - Snowflake, Screentime, Safespace, More
Peacekeeper Tries Hard #4 is published tomorrow by DC Comics. PEACEMAKER TRIES HARD #4 (OF 6) CVR A KRIS ANKA (MR) (W) Kyle Starks (A) Steve Pugh (CA) Kris Anka FEATURING DEATHSTROKE! WELL…KINDA! Things go from bad to worse when Peacemaker, with the help of some Golden Age superheroes, infiltrates General Immortus's secret island base–but ends up captured[...]
X-Men Fall Of X Hellfire Gala Marvel Comics
Silva, Joshua Cassara, Kris Anka, Pepe Larraz (CA) Phil Noto THE FALL OF X BEGINS HERE! The Hellfire Gala is always the biggest event of the season…but this year's will change everything for Krakoa What is meant to be mutantkind's biggest night becomes their biggest nightmare as the Fall of X begins! All your favorite X-Men[...]
Juggernaut & The Election of The New X-Men (Hellfire Gala XSpoilers)
Silva, Joshua Cassara, Kris Anka & Pepe Larraz Color Artists: Rain Beredo, Ceci De La Cruz, Matthew Wilson, Erick Arciniega & Marte Gracia Lettering: Virtual Calligraphy Design: Tom Muller w/ Jay Bowen G.O.D.S Interlude Writers: Jonathan Hickman & Gerry Duggan Artist: Valerio Schiti Color Artist: Marte Gracia Cover Artists: Phil Noto, George Perez & Edgar Delgado, Francesco Manna & Flavio Dispenza [X-Vote], Mashal[...]
Canada Printers Refuse To Print Faithless III, Boom Switches To USA
So naturally, we were the first to report when the second of Lotay's series of erotic covers for Faithless II was bagged incorrectly, as well as Boom's attempts to destroy the misprinted copies. For the climactic final arc, Boom brought in fan favourite and sought after cover artist Kris Anka to deliver all six erotic connecting[...]
Runaways #38 cover byKris Anka for the 100th issue of Runaways, hitting comic book shops from Marvel Comics on August 11th, 2021.
What do you think Marvel is made of money? Co-creator Adrian Alphona is though, as well as prior series artist Kris Anka In a press release on, Marvel promises twists and "big character redefining moments" for Runaways #38/#100 Is it safe to say the universe will be shaken to its foundations leaving nothing the[...]
Marvel Announce Marvel's Voices: Pride #1
These stories of inspiration and empowerment will be brought to life by an assembly of writers and artists from all walks of life including Kieron Gillen, Olivier Coipel, Steve Orlando, Anthony Oliveira, Tini Howard, Vita Ayala, Kris Anka, Javier Garrón, and many more! "It blew my mind when I learned this special was being put together[...]
Kris Anka, Character Designer Of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2
Kris Anka is a comics artist best known for his work on X-Men, Runaways, Star-Lord, The Pride, Captain Marvel, and his re-design of Spider-Woman Back in March, we learned that Kris Anka was to be working on the sequel to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, though not in what capacity. This past week, he gave us a[...]
Black Cat
Uncanny X-Men, Black Widow Prelude and Secret Warps artist Carlos Villa will be stepping up to replace Kris Anka on the upcoming Black Cat #11… out on April 1st He was due to take over with #12 in May, but he's popped in one month early Here's the new solicit. BLACK CAT #11 (W) Jed MacKay (A)[...]
"The Great One" Brian Bendis Lures Marvel's Kris Anka to DC's Young Justice
The Great One took to Instagram to gloat about his success, and drop a big reveal: Kris Anka, who will end his run as interior artist of Runaways with February's Runaways #18, will be joining the team, providing a Tim Drake sequence for Young Justice #5. View this post on Instagram. Anka confirmed the news on Twitter: I[...]
julie power runaways
Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka's Runaways is getting a new cast member in April, at least for one issue Runaways #8 reveals that Julie Power will be joining the book Fans of LGBTQ representation at Marvel should be pleased to learn that the relationship between Power and Karolina Dean, which began all the way back[...]
The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1
Oh, and if you are a fan of WicDiv, then you HAVE to get this issue. The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie Okay, The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 from Image Comics by Kieron Gillen, Kris Anka, Jen Bartel, Dee Cunniffe, Matt Wilson, Rachel Stott, Ludwig Olimba, Tamra Bonvillain,[...]
Rogue & Gambit
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Rogue & Gambit #1 from Marvel Comics by Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez brings everyone's favourite mutant couple together again to tackle their troubled relationship along with the latest mutant crisis that requires the X-Men's attention. Rogue & Gambit #1 cover by Kris Anka What Thompson and Perez bring in this issue is a really fun[...]
runaways #3
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Runaways #3 from Marvel Comics by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Matthew Wilson, and Joe Caramagna continues the new series of Marvel's teenage (and now older) runaways, and it keeps its streak as one of the best Marvel books out there right now. Following Nico, Chase, Old Lace, and the resurrected Gert as they try to[...]
Kevin Wada Shows Off His Runaways Variant
Kevin Wada revealed his variant cover for Runaways #1 on Twitter this evening. In September, Marvel launches a new Runaways series by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka And sure, that series looks like it may be a stealth limited series, but it's good to see this fan-favorite team, and previously deceased character Gert, back in action, even[...]
SDCC Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel Report: Lackluster And Boring
Bringing editors Nick Lowe, CB Cebulski, Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker the VP of Development of Marvel TV and New Media, and creators Kris Anka, Rainbow Rowell, Sean Ryan and fresh off his Eisner win, Ryan North, the room slowly filled with fans eager to hear what next big thing will be shared with us now[...]
It Gets Geekier And The Importance Of LGBTQ Representation
Hosted by Bryan Pittard of Flame On! Podcast with a panel including Sina Grace, Kris Anka, Mariko Tamaki, Megan Townsend of GLAAD and Marc Andreyko. Yehl introduced Pittard to host the panel, and after introductions starts the conversation with Yehl about coming out in the media Yehl discussed living in a conservative family and working in[...]
4 Pages From Runaways #1 Appears In New Marvel Previews
The book is due out on September 13th from writer Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park) and artist Kris Anka. The new series will feature Nico, Karolina, Chase, Molly and Old Lace and the long-awaited return of Gertrude Yorkes, who died at the end of Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's original run. At the time the original series[...]
Punisher #13 Review – Surprising Heart In A Problematic Character
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Punisher #13 by Becky Cloonan, Kris Anka and Matt Wilson is a self-contained tale that contains a surprising amount of heart and also relatively bloodless for a Punisher story Which for me is a good thing. Let me be straight-up here: I hate the Punisher The whole concept of the character bugs me That's not[...]
Up-And-Coming LGBTQ Creators To Watch This Pride Month
Her comics that are filled with action, fun, and adventure, while also being progressive and inclusive. With a strong voice and message that desperately needs to be heard, Visaggio could very well be an instrumental part of changes in the comics medium going forward. Another face who is no stranger to comics but will see a massive[...]
Sideshow Unveils New Zatanna Premium Format Figure
The new Zatanna figure is now available for pre-order from a design by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Alex Pascenko, Zak Roane, Dylan Forman and Kris Anka The figure will ship between April and June of 2018 and can be pre-ordered here It joins a line that already includes: Supergirl, Powergirl, Black Canary, Huntress and Batgirl. If you[...]
Molly Hayes Back In Runaways!
Molly Hayes Runaways teaser by Kris Anka Perhaps one of the most fan-favourite characters from the original run of Runaways, Molly Hayes will be returning for the weeks-long teased Runaways relaunch. With artwork again clearly by Kris Anka, we still have no idea on the writer or general direction for the series However, this particular teaser may[...]
Chase And Old Lace Get Runaways Teasers From Marvel
Marvel will continue to release teasers for each of the characters, and then maybe they'll announce a release date, and then, if we're all very good boys and girls, a creative team (possibly featuring Kris Anka on art) Depending on how slow the news days are between now and then, we'll probably keep posting the[...]
On World Goth Day, A Nico Minoru Tease Signals A New Runaways Series For 2017
Marvel's August solicitations should be out soon, so either way, we can probably expect to learn more about this by the end of the week. One things we can tell you is that looks like the art of Kris Anka, and Anka promised something on the way that will freak people out back in April. We'll be accepting all of your speculation[...]
Growth and Moving On: Star-Lord #6 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover by Kris Anka It is genuinely a terrible shame that this series, one of the best series coming out from Marvel at the moment is now over Not because it's left hanging; despite what is apparently not the original plans of the creative team, they manage to wrap up pretty much every thread in[...]