Comic Book Creators React To President Trump's Coronavirus Infection

At times like this the world turns to the wisest of souls for their counsel of the matter of the day, the infection and hospitalisation of President Trump, hospitalised after being infected by the coronavirus. Comic creators on social media.

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Screencap from Spitting Image: President Trump's Coronavirus Infection

Tom Brevoort "I hate even having to think about this, but..what if this whole thing with POTUS being infected is a sham so that he can later show up "cured" with a new miracle vaccine right before the election? It's a super-villain plot but in 2020 not impossible."

Justin Jordan: I do, actually, believe the Shitgibbon tested positive. While he is a grifter, I don't believe he's psychologically capable of
– Admitting weakness
– Especially about this
– And not being able to do his rallies and press conferences
Faking it as a political ploy requires a lot of capabilities I haven't seen him demonstrate either ever or in decades.

ChrisCross Do you guys understand the fact that Trump May have put the lives of Secret Service men in jeopardy? Thank God he didn't get Biden sick. All that arrogance. All that talking. All those lies. All because he wouldn't wear A MASK. DweebSheep, you gonna wear that mask NOW?

Ty Templeton I love that there's an internet rumour going around that he's faking it to get out of the next two debates. That people believe he would crash the markets, isolate from the campaign, and upend his premise of a winding down disease, simply to avoid embarrassment if he gets his mic switched off…. that people think that little of him that they'd consider this is a fake. Wow.I love that there's an internet rumour going around that he's faking it to get out of the next two debates. That people believe he would crash the markets, isolate from the campaign, and upend his premise of a winding down disease, simply to avoid embarrassment if he gets his mic switched off…. that people think that little of him that they'd consider this is a fake. Wow.

Steven Grant Now Fox News is calling on Biden to stop campaigning for 14 days – & weren't these the same guys who relentlessly mocked him as being UNABLE to campaign – but the Trump campaign has no intention of suspending their attacks/smears on him regardless of Trump's condition. Effectively, they just trying to guilt the Democrats into crippling themselves & giving the president's reelection a leg up. If the Democrats sucker out for it, they deserve to lose.

Peter David: Let's face it: this was inevitable. I mean, it just was. He ignored the advice of scientists. He held indoor rallies, he didn't social distance, he almost never wore masks. It all really stems from a simple psychological reason: He considers doing what one is told a sign of weakness. Rules, orders, dictates, laws, those don't apply to him. Weakness must be avoided at all because if you're weak, you're a loser, and a loser is absolutely the worst thing you can be. Better to die than to lose. Now we see if he gets his wish.

Luigi Novi: Having had it myself, and having seen my father intubated when he was hospitalized with it, days before it killed him, I can say that I sympathize. I just wish it would inform Trump as to the reality of the disease, and perhaps bring home the reality of the disease to him in a way that may spur him to end his refusal to properly address it. But doubt this will happen, given his history and his personality.

Christopher Golden: I can't wrap my head around all of the people admonishing us for not wishing Trump well. Honestly, WTF is in your head? The man is committing atrocities daily. People are dying every single day who should be alive and well. He's desperately trying to put the final nail in the coffin of democracy. He's a soulless, malignant, white supremacist and rapist. If he wins, what he's done so far will seem like the good old days. And you want me to have sympathy for him? To wish him well? A speedy recovery? Not a f-cking chance. Whether his death comes in a week or in twenty years, as long as I'm alive for it, I will celebrate. In my entire life, I've never felt that way about anyone–but there's never been a monster like this in my life before. If you want to condemn me for saying it out loud, for knowing that the world will be immeasurably better on the day he's finally gone from it, then go right ahead. Doesn't make me wrong.

Brian Cronin: There are a lot of jokes about "Why are you quarantining for a HOAX?," but the key thing is that Trump has never actually believed this to be a hoax. He just lied about it to the American people. When it comes to HIS protection, he has always taken this VERY seriously. He just doesn't give a shit about OTHER people.

Bill Sienkiewicz: What a shitshow.

Andy Diggle: Turns out schadenfreude is an excellent source of dopamine.

Scott Kurtz: I have tested positive for Schadenfreude.

Ben Templesmith: Well, I guess it's official now. The President has caught the hoax. Perhaps it will just disappear. Like a miracle. Only time will tell. This year is insane.

B. Clay Moore: I guess if there's ever a time to test positive, it's now! Melania on tape, tax dodging revealed, a debate debacle…. Fortuitous.

Si Spurrier: Debating with myself which is the more politically convenient: that he gets it baaad so he can play the Brave Soldier Who Suffered For Our Country, or that he cruises through it with barely a cough so he's Strong Like Ox and "didn't I tell you it's no biggie?"

David F Walker MURDER, SHE WROTE is on cable right now, but I'm anxiously awaiting who will be the next person from that White House event to test positive for COVID-19. My bet is on Barr.

Greg Pak: Eleven staffers from the Cleveland debate. Jesus wept.

Rick Remender: I don't believe Trump has Covid. It's a hoax. He wants us to celebrate and show that we're monsters. And then he pops up to show that it isn't all that bad. This is all just changing the conversation from that horrible debate. Bolsonaro has "tested positive" like three times. Or I'm a conspiratorial partisan hack trapped in an algorithm. One of those.

Gerry Duggan: Of course he has it. The virus is the only thing Trump's ever worked to get. He lied about it, aided its spread and mocked Biden's mask at the debate. Vote this cancer out of office, and take back the Senate.

Gail Simone: It's very telling that at least three majorly bad news stories hit at the same time for the president (including an unhinged and humiliating debate performance)and even his supporters are immediately skeptical when he announces he and the First Lady tested positive for COVID. Everywhere I look on both left and right news sites, they simply accept it as modern reality that his word carries no meaning whatsoever. It's disturbing how normalized that's become.

Mark Brooks: I'm gonna to watch King Ralph. It seems appropriate for our current situation.

I'm sure that's something we can all agree on.

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