Comic Book Folk React To… Snow

Snow has hit the UK, the USA and – well, obviously Canada, but you know. Lots and lots of it. And comic book folk have peered over their desk, blinded by the light. And some of them have got out the shovels. Those who got snow, that is…

Whitney Leopard: My phone has been telling me that it's snowing outside for the past two hours . . . AND IT IS NOT. Where is my snow?! Weird iPhone weather app — why are you so wrong?

Russ Burlingame: It's cold out there today.

Scott Snyder: Snow day

Kat O'Neill: Snow days were a lot more fun when I wasn't one of the people responsible for shoveling.

Spencer C Anderson: You know what no-one has ever enjoyed? Shoveling snow!

Jan Duursema: Snow almost covering the grill on the back deck.

Frank Tieri: …WIFE TO ME AFTER I'VE BEEN SHOVELING SNOW FOR OVER AN HOUR LAST NIGHT: Ok, I think that's enough for now ME: What? You're actually concerned I'm going to have a heart attack or something? THE WIFE: Eh, it's something I'd rather not have to deal with tonight* * Probably the most romantic thing my wife has said to me in the last ten years

Comics Bookcase: The snow just keeps falling. Better stay in and read comics/write about comics (and also do my full-time job, I guess…).

Walter Simonson: Backyard table and chairs on our terrace off the kitchen. Haven't measured the snow depth yet and it has likely compressed a little already. 22" for the original total wouldn't be a bad guess. Currently, after a bit of wind scouring, a little melting, and probably some compaction, we're at about 15" or 16". Pretty deep to walk in, I must say.

Maggie Stiefvater: This is the face of someone who arrived at the studio to discover I'd turned off the heat to record a quiet track and forgotten to turn it back on upon leaving, allowing the studio to become 26 degrees Too cold to even remove my sunglasses much less my coat much less my frown

Gwenda Bond: Wrote half a chapter of (redacted), did a bunch of other work, played with dogs and made fun of their snow beards (Sally trying to bark at another dog and also eat snow is truly hilarious), and had a nap with kitties! A good day.

Strange Adventures: You win, snow—we're closed today due to the storm, see you all tomorrow. Stay safe!

Rob Jackson: I will post comics through the snow and ice, why not have a look at my comics shop on my blogand my Comicsy shop thanks

Kat O'Neill: Of all the things that should be sore after a day of shoveling snow, why is it my one foot that hurts the most? No idea how I did that.

Larry Hama: The birdbath now looks like a soft-serve cone or Liberty's torch.

Source Comics & Games: We just got the news that due to the snow in the NE this week's comics (2/3) are delayed. DC comics are ready to be picked up starting today. Follow us here or sign up for our newsletter to know the moment when comics are ready to be picked up:

AmalgamPhilly: Snow day! We will be closed today, Tuesday 2nd. Mail-in orders will be sent out on Thursday, February 4th! The good thing is that our online shop is ALWAYS open, so get your orders in while books and comics are still available: or go to bio link.

Louise Simonson: Our snow-covered yard, as of 5 PM. I started shoveling a path for Loki, then decided I needed proper photos of untrammeled snow first.

Annalee Flower: I've now gotten two texts and an email telling me "virtual learning will commence on time tomorrow." If you're not going to give kids a snow day you could at least not rub it in, ye thieves of joy.

Comic Book Folk React To... Snow
Funnybooks Comics PR shot

FUNNYBOOKS Comics: Captain America – wielding his shield and shovel – stands triumphant on top of a mound of snow in front of FUNNYBOOKS Comics & Stuff in Lake Hiawatha, NJ.

Holly: I am making more comics, but I am tired after shoveling & going for a jog in the snow, so they will take some time.

Don McGregor: Marsha just took a photo out the back window. The snow back here will remain stainless white and icy glow until it melts. Not like the guttered snow in Manhattan, stained with car exhaust fumes.

Sal: No @Absolute_Comics today, gang (apologies to @Comicstorian , who did NOT have 2 feet of snow in his driveway)! All my fault, gang! Catch the new upload on the YT channel, and we'll see you next week!

Comic Book Folk React To... Snow
By Rosemary V-O

Rosemary V-O: snow day

Steve Niles: Snow melted. We can go out for supplies today. It's going to be a busy week. Hope you guys are good!

Hugh Jackman: For a kid from Australia … a snow day is heaven. (Please be careful, it's pretty slippery).

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