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house of the dragon
For this go-around, Orsi offers a second-season status report on showrunner Ryan Condal's prequel House of the Dragon as well as a quick update on where things stand with Kit Harington's reported return as Jon Snow for the spinoff sequel series Snow (working title?) "With all eight scripts written by Ryan, despite pencils down, I can[...]
‘Game of Thrones’: The Cognitive Dissonance of Daenarys Targaryen
Discovery boss David Zaslav's mandate that the WBD do more with its IPs and the success of HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel series House of the Dragon, it's no surprise that more & more attention is being turned toward Kit Harington's reported return as Jon Snow for the spinoff sequel series "Snow" (possibly a working title)[...]
Kit Harington Doesn’t Hold Back on “Not Giving a F**k” About ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Critics
Martin & Emilia Clarke over the summer, Game of Thrones fans are waiting patiently for more intel on what Kit Harington has planned when he reprises his role as Jon Snow for the spinoff sequel series Snow (possibly a working title) And thanks to his appearance at a Los Angeles GOT convention over the weekend, that's[...]
game of thrones
Martin's "Game of Thrones" focusing on Kit Harington's Jon Snow (with the actor reportedly attached to reprise his fan-favorite & Emmy-nominated role) Thanks to GRRM and his blog (which you can check out here), we can now pretty much move the series onto the front-burner as the author offered not only an official confirmation of[...]
Comic Book Folk React To… Snow
Snow has hit the UK, the USA and – well, obviously Canada, but you know Lots and lots of it And comic book folk have peered over their desk, blinded by the light And some of them have got out the shovels Those who got snow, that is… Whitney Leopard: My phone has been telling me[...]
Expect Major Comic Book Related Delays This Week Due To Blizzard (UPDATE)
The only major comic book distributor remains closed today, dealing with the effects of the snowstorm and current thaw flood. We're not sure what of this week's comics have made it out, But one way of another – be even more patient this week with your retailer than usual. Distribution has been delayed, driving conditions have[...]
Comic Folk And Friends Respond To… Snow
They could see this coming…. For those of you who moved west, here's winter in NJ RIGHT NOW! #blizzard2016 — ComicArtistPro Secrets (@EthanVanSciver) January 23, 2016 So cold — Not That Matt Moore (@Guerrillascribe) January 23, 2016 Coffee and a donut in the calm before the storm:) — Jerry Ordway (@JerryOrdway) January 22, 2016 So many kids must[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Snow To Bizarro
Filip Andrade will also work on the book, as well as a surprise guest… Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3 will have art by Angel Unzueta Galarza, as well as Marco Checchetto. The Snow graphic novel now has a new cover ahead of the movie release. Snow is a Joe Shuster Award-nominated[...]
More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks
1 The Deep: Here Be Dragons #1 Tara Normal #1 Sunrise #1 Guardians #0 Apama – The Undiscovered Animal #1 She Died In Terrebonne #1 Westward #1 Tilt-Shift: The Quiet Profession #1 Boobage The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts: A Graphic Novel The Only Living Boy #1 War of the Woods : Season Two #1 Henchmen #1 Escape From The Dead #1 Brandi Bare #1 Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl #1 Snow:[...]
How To Survive Two Months At Thirty Below On Snow, Cigarettes And Comic Books
I've read a number of stories about the Swedish man found trapped in his car for two months under the snow and ice, emaciated, but incredibly alive, now being treated in hospital for malnourishment and hypothermia But then one sentence jumped out at me. Mr Skyllberg survived by taking handfuls of snow from the roof of[...]
East Cost Comic Stores May Get Late Comics This Week
Some comic stores on the East Coast of the USA being served out of the Plattsburgh distribution centre may be experiencing a little delay with their comics this week, due to snowy weather issues in the area. Which means that instead of receiving comics on Tuesday for sale on Wednesday, they may not receive them until[...]
West Coast Comic Shops May Suffer Weather Delays On DC And Marvel Titles
I understand that huge snow storms in New York have caused truck delays this week for Diamond Comics Distributors Most hit it seems so far are stores who are supplied by Diamond's Los Angeles warehouse, who have received invoices for next week that show almost all DC titles missing, and a reduction in Marvel titles[...]