A Comic Show – Clark Kent Reborn!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop, Orlando, Florida, writes,

Hey Fandom! We had a smaller week of new comics, probably because there's five Wednesday's in March, but a few good titles came out. Action #975's Superman Reborn Part 2 reveals who this new Clark Kent really is. Was my speculation from the last issue correct? You'll know after reading it or when I talk about it next week. JLA #2 continues to be a fun book of b and c-listers with Batman. And today is Guy Gardner's best week ever between Hal and the GLC #16 and Planet of the Apes/GL #2

Over at Marvel Inhumans vs X-Men #6 is a very satisfying end to their rivalry, and a great set up to what's coming for muntantkind. R.L Stine's Man-Thing #1 was enjoyable even if it wasn't giant sized. Steve Rogers Captain America #13 has me ready for Secret Empire. And Boom's new creator-owned title Grass Kings by Matt Kindt is a treat for his fans (like me, Mind Mgmt forever).

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