Constantine Was… A Post 9-11 Punk Rocker Now?

John Constantine, when introduced into the DC Universe, was a rare creature. One who aged in real time. Since his introduction in the early eighties, he went on to get old. To celebrate his birthdays. And to marry someone far too young. His time on this earth was marked, including his time as a punk rock performer in the mid/late seventies in the band Mucous Membrane. Like this.

2220343-245The thing is, the character has since been rebooted and revamped as a younger, sexier John Constantine again. And is getting a new treatment in the DC YOU title John Constantine: The Hellblazer #1, with a short story in the back of today's Convergence: SHAZAM! #2.

image Definitely not trying to be Scott Pilgrim this one. Too few people, too dark and dingy…

image Even if it does also seem to borrow from a certain Jack Black "pick of destiny"… but at the back of this dingy underground New York performance space, that inexplicably hasn't yet been turned into apartments, is a poster, of a different time.

image But that's when it hit me. Constantine is no longer in real time. This isn't a poster from the seventies anymore. And if Constantine is a twenty-something again now… then Mucous Membrane aren't no longer a punk a band formed after seeing the Sex Pistols play like these folks…


They are a version of this instead.



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