Everything You Knew About The Martian Manhunter Is Wrong

I mean, he is a martian. And he has been known to hunt men, I guess. But he's actually… The Iron Giant! Take a look from the new Martian Manhunter #1 out today… Last of his kind? Yeah, you were duped too… looks like those suspicious folks in the 1992 miniseries American Secrets by Gerard Jones and Eduardo […]

Pottymouth Doctor Fate?

Paul Levitz used to be President and Publisher of DC Comics until everything changed and his job was split among five people. That was then. But during his tenure, he had to deal with an event that saw the All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder comic by Frank Miller and Jim Lee feature seriously strong swearing […]

Bill Sienkiewicz, A Surprise Guest Artist For Bizarro #1

Today's launch of Bizarro #1 features a variant cover by Kyle Baker. But surprisingly, it also featured a page guest drawn by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz. Well, at least two thirds of it anyway, with regular artist Gustavo Duarte drawing the rest. What fun! Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will be hosting Mike […]

Is This Metropolis? Or Gotham? Action Comics Spoilers…

In today's Action Comics, part of the DC You refreshment, we see an low powered Superman traveling the USA. And finding a rather intolerant place towards him, after Lois Lane's exclusive scoop. The one in which she outed Clark Kent and Superman as being one and the same. Even Midnighter had heard something about that […]

A Brand New Look for DC's Cyborg, Today

When the character of Cyborg was reinvented for the DC New 52 as a founding member of the Justice League he was a bit of a hulking thing. But in today's Cyborg short story in the back of Convergence: Crime Syndicate #2 sees the character going through a rather unpleasant double-arm-ectomy, amongst others, as he […]

Captain Carrot Will Be Part Of The DC Universe In July

Today's Justice United short story from some unidentified DC Comic book features a look around the whole DCU picking up folk who could be in the new Justice League United, at some point, who give their blessing to be called when necessary. And the last page gives a splash on all the folks who can […]

Constantine Was… A Post 9-11 Punk Rocker Now?

John Constantine, when introduced into the DC Universe, was a rare creature. One who aged in real time. Since his introduction in the early eighties, he went on to get old. To celebrate his birthdays. And to marry someone far too young. His time on this earth was marked, including his time as a punk […]

Today, Harley Quinn Introduces A Familiar Red Head In A Wheelchair…

Apologies for the dismissive "red head" in the title, but this is Harley Quinn we're talking about here. And she's not one for human resources mandated sensitivity training in her new company. That's right, previewed in the back of today's Convergence: Plastic Man And The Freedom Fighters #2, we see a company of Harley Quinn-alikes […]

What Does Today Mean For Superman And Wonder Woman? Or Lois Lane?

I first mentioned that Superman and Wonder Woman would become a couple in the DC Universe for real, back in May 2011. A year and a bit later, it came to pass. In the New 52 of the DC Universe, Clark and Lois were never a couple. And recently, DC Comics did this to drive […]

Now Suicide Squad Gets Involved In Russia/Ukraine Politics (SPOILERS)

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. Remember the days of when DC Comics would micromanage Wildstorm's Authority, leading to plenty of post-production censorship? So we got this kind of thing. My bread […]

The Martian Manhunter In The Eyes Of The DC Universe (SPOILERS)

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. And in today's Convergence: Adventures Of Superman #2, we get a look at the new Martian Manhunter, in a moon mission rescue story that seeks to […]

The Look Of DC You, In All Of Today's DC Comics

DC Comics are running this promo in all their Convergence titles today, smack bang in the middle of the stories, naming the June mini-relaunch as DC You. Of course some witty folk have already inserted another word between DC and You. Let's say, for now, it's "Screw". Got to say though, a number of these books […]

The Wonder Woman Of 3001 Returns To Her Roots

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. Wonder Woman grew up on Paradise Island, a land without men. Over the years that has been given many lesbian readings, as you may expect, both […]

Seriously, Can't Superman Keep His Clothes On Anymore? (SPOILERS)

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. In recent issues of Superman, he seems to have trouble keeping his clothes on. Well, in the Action Comics June preview in the back of Convergence: […]

Doomed Brings Back The Alpha Centurion To The DCU

In the back of today's Convergence: Superman #2 is a preview to the new DC tile for June, Doomed, by Scott Lobdell and Javier Fernandez, the only brand new non-legacy lead character in the June mini-relaunch. However, in doing that, they also bring back a blast from the past, Alpha Centurion, introduced in the eighties […]

Prez Lays Out A Remarkable Future For Twitter, Drones, Anonymous And DC

In the back of today's Convergence Batgirl #2, we got a glimpse of hot new series for June, Prez. And we learned plenty about the DC Universe in the year 2036, with the teenage president-elect Beth Ross, elected as America continues its involvement in world affairs… And more remarkable than a President being elected by […]

DC Comics Promo Packs, Coming To Stores Every Week In June

DC Comics are making batches of promotional products available to comic stores to order to support DC's June Mini-Relaunch – a different batch every week. All stores need to qualify for the packs are to order at least five copies of every comic, and pay a small fee. So what's coming through to a store near you? 3rd […]

Today, Three New Potential Members For Section Eight

Section Eight were the world's worst superhero team. Created by Six Pack, who had the power of being drunk, they appeared in the Hitman comic, from Garth Ennis and John McCrea. Never hitting the high sales, they managed to crawl to a very respectable sixty issues and were both shockingly silly, savage, scandalous and touching […]