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Today, John Constantine Hits On Batman (Urban Legends #13 Spoilers)
It was a line dropped into Hellblazer #51 in 1992 by guest-writer John Smith, with John Constantine talking about his life It was the kind of line that regular series writer Garth Ennis would never have used Not back then at least. "Girlfriends… the odd boyfriend… they all have a nasty habit of walking out on[...]
DC Comcis Finally Collect All Of The 300 Issue Run Of Hellblazer
Next week sees the collection, John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol 25: Another Season published, collecting John Constantine: Hellblazer #276 – 291 That's a mighty sixteen issues for much less than a measly eight issues of Sandman will set you back these days But does that mean only nine issues in a potential final volume, collecting #292[...]
Hellblazer Rise And Fall #3 Review: Irredeemably Evil
Now, with wildly improvisational ideas and a bit of common magic, in Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #3 the Hellblazer has to wrestle with his past to make sure the devil gets his due, which is a good thing for a change. Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #3 Cover Credit: DC Black Label Tom Taylor has written a finale[...]
In Hellblazer: Rise And Fall #3 – Everyone Gets A Gun!
Bleeding Cool has mocked comic book writer Tom Taylor and artist Darick Robertson for their Hellblazer: Rise And Fall mini-series for DC Comics' Black Label Specifically for the decision to portray British police carrying handguns as a matter of course With Tom Taylor's reason that he simply didn't realise that they didn't And that it's[...]
Constantine Is Ready for a Bloody Good Time With Mezco Toyz
The Hellblazer himself Constantine, is ready for action with his newest collectible figure that is packed with detail and articulation This is one DC Comics character that does not get a lot of time in the spotlight unless you are a fan of the television series DC's Legends of Tomorrow The figure will feature 28[...]
How Come The Police Have Guns In Hellblazer: Rise And Fall?
A late-night Hellblazer post It is possible that people have other things on their mind right now But I can't get this out of my head so you will have to suffer too Now, most British police officers are not routinely armed Those that are, are usually on security detail at highly sensitive places such[...]
Hellblazer Rise And Fall #2 Review: Sheer Entertainment Value
Call in Matt Ryan because Hellblazer: Rise And Fall #2 has every bit of that clumsy, ruthless John Constantine charm that the actor made perfect on television series With some unexpected partners for the "self-styled Hellblazer" and a lot of old business left unresolved, this issue hits many of the right buttons. The cover of Hellblazer:[...]
Hellblazer and Si Spurrier On Quoting Boris Johnson
This week saw the release of the penultimate issue of Hellblazer #11 by Si Spurrier, Aaron Campbell and Jordie Bellaire And it also features in passing, The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, better known as Boris. Both in person and be allusion. Si Spurrier On Quoting Prime Minister Boris[...]
Hellblazer Remembers The Justice League - And Dying
In Hellblazer #300, he had his life taken away, turned into an old man, without his demon blood, without his magic, and a very different life lived. Hellblazer #300 conclusion. That was totally ignored by the superhero comics, who had the much younger John Constantine join the Justice League Dark – and last week, meet with another[...]
DC Cancelled John Constantine Again? Justice League Dark #27 Spoilers
DC Comics recently announced the cancellation of the John Constantine: Hellblazer series, to much rending of cloth from writer Si Spurrier and others While the character's own title may be coming to an end, with no sign (as of yet) of being relaunched or being restarted, he continues to appear in the Justice League Dark[...]
The Campaign To #SaveHellblazer Ramps Up A Notch
So John Constantine: Hellblazer is cancelled by DC Comics with #12 in November But there is a campaign to make this anything but final Its writer Si Spurrier writes; The first collected volume of #HELLBLAZER drops on Sept 29 This is the run which has topped review aggregates for 4 solid months It's also the book which[...]
DC Comics Has A John Constantine Story That Suggests Prince Andrew
One cupon a time, DC Comics published a John Constantine: Hellblazer that suggested that Prince Charles was a Jack-The-Ripper-like serial killer, possessed by the same demon, and his crimes were covered up by the state.  Obviously it was written by Garth Ennis But it is recalled today, as the new John Constantine: Hellblazer #9  written[...]
Neil Gaiman Approves Of "Save Hellblazer" Campaign
Last week, DC Comics announced that they were cancelling the John Constantine: Hellblazer series written by Si Spurrier with its twelfth issue The series, which was a major critical hit, was part of the Sandman Presents line, and was yet to see its first collection published. Si Spurrier wrote a blog about the experience of having[...]