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Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
Instead, it ended up a searing masterpiece of family dysfunction, teenage alienation, and Punk nihilism, a seminal movie of the Punk subculture. "Out of the Blue" poster courtesy of Discovery Pictures How did this happen? Shortly after production, the original director was fired, and somehow Hopper took over as director, rewriting the script and holding it together[...]
Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
Cebe runs away to Vancouver's punk scene and ends up on probation under the care of psychiatrist Raymond Burr After Don's release, the family struggles to re-connect before the revelation of dark secrets leads to a harrowing conclusion." Out Of The Blue is considered a kind of spiritual sequel (and cautionary counterpoint) to Hopper's own Easy Rider as[...]
Big D And The Kids Table Announces New Album For October
After almost an entire decade, ska-punk staple band Big D and the Kids Table are releasing an all-new album! Titled Do Your Art, the album marks the band's return to the SideOneDummy Records record label. Various glamour shots of the ska-punk band Big D and the Kids Table Their next album, Do Your Art, is their first in[...]
The 1970s Punk London Hamlet Graphic Novel, Created During Lockdown
So when he launches a Kickstarter for a new comic book – well why not a new version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, a follow-up to his version of Macbeth, and created entirely in lockdown? 120 pages worth and retelling the story in punk era 1970s London And reprising Denmark as Denmark Street, a road known[...]
Punk's Not Dead #1 cover by Martin Simmonds
He's haunted by a punk rock ghost named Sid Of course, that last part may yet prove to be a boon. Punk's Not Dead #1 cover by Martin Simmonds Punk's Not Dead #1 is a very promising opening for this new IDW Black Crown series The premise is unique, challenging, and has the anarchy bug in a[...]
This past weekend at Monster Mania they were set up with their awesome array of horror punk patches, pins, and stickers. Most items ranged between $2-20 I left with three pins myself, spending a little over $30 Their items are high quality, though, and I'm not worried about anything falling apart or fading Plus, the designs[...]
Constantine Was… A Post 9-11 Punk Rocker Now?
His time on this earth was marked, including his time as a punk rock performer in the mid/late seventies in the band Mucous Membrane Like this. The thing is, the character has since been rebooted and revamped as a younger, sexier John Constantine again And is getting a new treatment in the DC YOU title John[...]