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Big D And The Kids Table Announces New Album For October
After almost an entire decade, ska-punk staple band Big D and the Kids Table are releasing an all-new album! Titled Do Your Art, the album marks the band's return to the SideOneDummy Records record label. Various glamour shots of the ska-punk band Big D and the Kids Table Their next album, Do Your Art, is their first in[...]
The 1970s Punk London Hamlet Graphic Novel, Created During Lockdown
So when he launches a Kickstarter for a new comic book – well why not a new version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, a follow-up to his version of Macbeth, and created entirely in lockdown? 120 pages worth and retelling the story in punk era 1970s London And reprising Denmark as Denmark Street, a road known[...]
Punk's Not Dead #1 cover by Martin Simmonds
He's haunted by a punk rock ghost named Sid Of course, that last part may yet prove to be a boon. Punk's Not Dead #1 cover by Martin Simmonds Punk's Not Dead #1 is a very promising opening for this new IDW Black Crown series The premise is unique, challenging, and has the anarchy bug in a[...]
This past weekend at Monster Mania they were set up with their awesome array of horror punk patches, pins, and stickers. Most items ranged between $2-20 I left with three pins myself, spending a little over $30 Their items are high quality, though, and I'm not worried about anything falling apart or fading Plus, the designs[...]
Constantine Was… A Post 9-11 Punk Rocker Now?
His time on this earth was marked, including his time as a punk rock performer in the mid/late seventies in the band Mucous Membrane Like this. The thing is, the character has since been rebooted and revamped as a younger, sexier John Constantine again And is getting a new treatment in the DC YOU title John[...]