DC Comics Celebrates Unicorn Day with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman

Happy National Unicorn Day! Oh, you didn't know it was Unicorn Day? Well, you know now, thanks to DC Comics, which tweeted an animated image of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman riding unicorns to celebrate the event.

But what is, Unicorn Day, you ask? Why does it exist? And most importantly, how should I celebrate it?

To answer your questions: A day to celebrate the mythical horselike creature. Why not? And probably by baking some colorful cupcakes or something. You could also watch episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or maybe glue a horn onto your cat's head (go ahead — she'll love it!).*

Or, you can just stare at the image of Superman and Wonder Woman riding unicorns above. That's what worked for us. Oh, and the most important way to celebrate Unicorn Day of all: writing a clickbait article about a tweet about unicorns. Looks like we've checked that one off our list.

Happy Unicorn Day!

*Editor's note: Bleeding Cool does not endorse gluing accessories to the heads of cats, who most certainly will not love it, and may not be held legally or morally responsible for any repercussions thereof.

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