DC Graphic Novels and Marvel Figurines from Hero Collector in May 2020 Solicits

Hero Collector from Eaglemoss has a bunch of DC Comics hardcover collections and Marvel Comics figurines from the movies for their May 2020 solicitations. Here they are for the first time on Bleeding Cool.


Hero Collector brings together some of DC's most critical superhero adventures in a series of hardback collections, each including classic bonus material from the Golden and Silver Age!

#121 – JLA: Omega

RRP: £11.99/€14.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCGUK124, Barcode: 977205437358424

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 192pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): James Robinson

Artist(s): Mark Bagley

Product Description: When the villainous Crime Syndicate of Amerika attack our world, the Justice League of America locks horns with their otherworldly rivals! Things go from bad to worse when Dr. Impossible calls forth the Omega Man, a terrifying entity capable of destroying the Earth itself – but can the JLA and CSA join forces, even with the planet at stake? Collects Justice League of America #49-53. Includes classic 1971 backup story from Justice League of America #87 – the first appearance of Blue Jay!

#125 – Batwoman: Elegy

RRP: £11.99/€14.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCGUK125, Barcode: 977205437358425

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 216pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Greg Rucka

Artist(s): Dave Stewart, J.H. Williams III

Product Description: In the aftermath of Bruce Wayne's death, a new Batwoman hit the stage in this critically-acclaimed first story arc! Gorgeous artwork and stellar writing bring Kate Kane's struggle with the deranged "Alice" to life, as the threat of a toxic cloud looms over Gotham! Collects Detective Comics #854-860. Includes a classic 1979 backup story from Detective Comics #485 – the death of the original Batwoman!


Experience the life story of Batman from beginning to end, in this Hero Collector series of essential stories starring the Dark Knight and his greatest allies and enemies, each collected in hardcover!

#62 – Batman Incorporated (Part One)

RRP: £10.99/€12.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCLUK062, Barcode: 977251498221962

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 264pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Grant Morrison

Artist(s): Yanick Paquette, Chris Burnham

Product Description: Bruce Wayne sets out to spread his war against crime worldwide, with Batman Incorporated! The hunt for new costumed crimefighters takes Bruce across the world, from Tokyo to Argentina, to face such bizarre foes as Lord Death Man and the ex-Nazi mastermind Doctor Daedalus… Collects Batman Incorporated #1-5.

#63 – The Dark Knight: Mad

RRP: £10.99/€12.99 (not US available)

SKU: DCLUK063, Barcode: 977251498221963

Format: Hardcover, Weight: 516g

Print Spec: 176pp, 175 x 260mm

Author(s): Gregg Hurwitz

Artist(s): Szymon Kudranski

Product Description: Batman's detective skills are put to the test, as he discovers a trail of bodies but no leads – and the Mad Hatter begins kidnapping Gotham citizens for his own, unknown purposes. As the Dark Knight delves deeper, the Hatter's gory past comes to light, and Batman's resolve is put to the test… Collects The Dark Knight #16-21 and The Dark Knight Annual #1.


The official and definitive collection of characters from the Marvel Studios films, meticulously rendered as 1:16 scale hand-painted resin models.

#106 – Thor (Avengers: Endgame)

RRP: £13.99/€18.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK106, Barcode: 977205951582806

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 140mm, Weight: 151g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: Five years after Thanos wrought havoc on his people, Thor has the chance to return to the past. To fight this battle, the God of Thunder takes up his axe Stormbreaker… and recovers his lost hammer Mjolnir!

#107 – The Wasp (Janet van Dyne)

RRP: £14.99/€19.99 (not US available)

SKU: MMFUK107, Barcode: 977205951582807

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 121mm, Weight: 83g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: As costumed adventurer The Wasp, Janet van Dyne was trapped in the quantum realm for 30 years. She made her escape with the help of Scott Lang – and her husband Hank Pym and daughter Hope!

MEGA – Captain Marvel

RRP: £129.99/€149.95 (not US available)

SKU: MSCUK031, Barcode: 5059072005968

Material: Hand-Painted Resin

Height: 354mm, Weight: 1506g

Print Spec: 16pp, 220 x 285mm

Product Description: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is part of the elite Kree Starforce, a warrior of incredible power, but finds herself plagued by memories of another life… as headstrong US Air Force pilot Carol Danvers! This mega-size statuette stands 14 inches tall.


This official collection of heavyweight statuettes depicts iconic Marvel Studios characters, meticulously rendered in hand-painted full cast metal and packaged in a collector's tin.

#4 – Groot (Teenage)

RRP: $39.95 (not UK available)

SKU: MMHUK004, Barcode: 5059072007023

Material: Hand-Painted Full Cast

Height: 116mm, Weight: 194g

Product Description: A treelike alien who speaks only his own name, Groot sacrificed himself to protect his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy – but was reborn as a sapling! Eventually he regrew… into a teenaged tree.

#5 – Black Panther

RRP: $39.95 (not UK available)

SKU: MMHUK005, Barcode: 5059072007030

Material: Hand-Painted Full Cast

Height: 105mm, Weight: 248g

Product Description: T'Challa is the newly-crowned king of Wakanda, a powerful, and secretive African nation – and in his advanced suit of vibranium-weave, he defends the world as the superhero Black Panther!

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