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Full Free Comic Book Day 2021 Solicitations
Issues 5 and 6 were meant to have been resolicited for February and March 2021, but now are both being rescheduled for June in Valiant Entertainment's June 2021 solicitations, as well as Free Comic Book Day in August setting up all their other plans going forward with Valiant Uprising in August Here are Valiant's June[...]
Scout Comics June 2021 Solicits Solicitations
Scout Comics has a number of launches in their June 2021 solicitations and solicits Tales Told In Techni-Horror is their sci-fi/horror anthology by Kiyam Taghan and Christian DiBari, Chaos Agent is a mad crazy sci-fi series by Deniz Camp and Filya Bratukhin And Perhapanauts get a second series with a Second Chances from Todd DeZago and[...]
Oni Press June 2021 Solicits Solicitations
But now it's part of Oni Press' June 2021 solicitations, as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure: Eighth Grade Witch graphic novel from E.L Thomas, Andrew E C Gaska and Valerio Chiola. Here are all of Oni Press' June 2021 solicits and solicitations While Jonna And The Umpossible Monsters and Mooncakes both get the Free[...]
Barbaric #1 Launches in Vault Comics June 2021 Solicits
Barbaric is the new swords-and-sorcery comic book launching from Vault Comics from Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden, alongside The Blue Flame, Engineward, Heavy, Hollow Heart, Money Shot, Shadow Service, Vampire: The Masquerade, Witchblood and Wasted Space in Vault's June 2021 solicits and solicitations While August will bring Unfinished Corner by Dani Colman and Rachel Tuna[...]
Full Boom Studios June Solicits and Solicitations
Boom Studios has plenty to launch in their June 2021 solicits and solicitations Good Luck #1 by Matthew Erman and Stefano Simeone, Basilisk #1 by Cullen Bunn and Jonas Scharf, Save Yourself #1 by Bones Leopard, Kelly Matthews and Nichole Matthews, as well as Power Rangers: Unlimited Darkness by Frank Gogol and Simone Ragazzoni Oh,[...]
Full Dark Horse Comics June 2021 Solicits and Solicitations
We have Dark Horse Comics' June 2021 solicitations, and beyond, beginning with the return of Neil Gaiman and P Craig Russell's Norse Mythology II, Cullen Bunn and Andrea Mutti's Parasomnia, Black Hammer Reborn by Jeff Lemire and Caitlin Yarsky, Worst Dudes #1 by Aubrey Sitterson and Tony Gregori, Secret Land #1 by Christofer Emgard and[...]
Full IDW Publishing Solicitations June 2021
IDW Publishing's June 2021 solicits and solicitations are up… A new Avengers #1, a new Usagi Yojimbo, John Buscema Artists Edition and all the GI Joe, Transformers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Star Trek, Star Wars, My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you can swallow. FCBD 2021 STAR WARS HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES IDW PUBLISHING APR210006 (W) Daniel Jose Older[...]
DC Comics June 2021 Solicitations, Frankensteined
You see, my friends, comrade Rich Johnston is away, and someone needs to post these DC Comics solicitations for June 2021 Normally, I would never debase myself by serving as the proxy arm of a comic book publisher's marketing department, promoting the evils of capitalism while selling cheaply produced and poorly thought-out comic book pamphlets[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations In Full
And to reward you here, today, are the Marvel Comics June 2021 solicitations, as Heroes Reborn comes to an end with Heroes Return, Marvel celebrates Pride month with Marvel Voices: Pride, variant covers and a new Captain America, Predator begins as Alien continues and the main War Of The Bounty Hunters crossover kicks off And[...]