So, DC Comics, What About Bringing Back Supermanium? (Metal #2 Spoilers)

According to the rules, you can only name an element after five things: a scientist, a mythological concept or character, a mineral or similar substance, a place or a property of the element, like its color. People have tried Batmanium before without joy. But with Metal making Batman very much a mythological character, as well as giving us a fictional Batmanium, maybe we could have a real Batmanium after all?

Batman #45 is the first appearance of Batmanium in the comics, in the story Super Heavy by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the creators of Metal. With the Powers Corporation running colliders that had "little universe being created and destroyed, moment by moment"…

The ultra-dense Batmanium was one of four new elements created by the Powers Corporation, element 206 on the periodic table. The others weren't mentioned…

Today, Batman gets close and personal with Batmanium.

But with Metal willing to embrace such a thing, what about Supermanium? Appearing through the Silver Age and Bronze Age (to name two other metals) it was the strongest metal known to science! Superman forges it from the heart of a star!

The strongest metal known! He discovered it, which makes him a super scientist and thus able to name it after himself.

The hardest metal known!

The densest metal known!

And the scientific community named it in his honour!

Is there any way Mr. Oz could have built his prisons out of it?

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