The DC Universe Gets A New Gay Lead Comic – Midnighter By Steve Orlando And ACO

MIDNIGHTER-color_580_54d44587ae0d50.88049035When Batwoman was cancelled, DC Comics lost their only gay lead comic book.

Well, that has been rapidly repaired.

As part of June's mini-relaunch from DC Comics, we are getting a new ongoing Midnighter series by Steve Orlando and ACO. After his appearance in Grayson, it could only be a matter of time…

Midnighter was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch in 1998 for the comic book Stormwatch. Partnered with Apollo, they were a gay couple analogue for Batman and Superman and made front pages of international newspapers. Starring in the subsequent comic Authority, they were then married, before reality was reset with the New 52, they were integrated into the DC Universe and were no longer a couple. He also appears to have lost the spike from his chin.

You can read up on the rest of DC's June mini-relaunch here.

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