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The Death Of Superman And Changing The Future In Action Comics #1029
Did Jonathan Kent stop one Superman future from happening… …but in the process set up another, the Future State: Worlds At War where Superman is estranged from Earth and trapped on Warworld? Might there be room on WarWorld for a weakened Superman for Darkseid's lot? While in the Midnighter back-up strip, the Future State Midnighter from Warworld[...]
The Fox Family In Next Batman
Justice League Dark uses The Demon's out-of-time magical nature, but Superman uses hard science-fiction. Superman: Worlds At War #2 artwork With the message received by Metropolis from Warworld being sent by the same person who it ended up transmitting across the galaxy, courtesy of some by-your-own-bootstrap logic.   Superman: Worlds At War #2 artwork While the Midnighter's encounter with his[...]
Future State Superman Worlds Of War #1 Review: A Mixed Bag
If you liked the Grandmaster scenes in Thor: Ragnarok, this set up might seem familiar as Clark Kent stands in a difficult position but still sticks to the moral high ground. After that, we get to Mongul's War World, where Shilo Norman has taken a Boom Tube to find himself in the thick of it, running into the[...]
The Return Of The Authority - But What's Up With Midnight and Apollo?
On December 17th, Bleeding Cool looked at gossip that The Authority were to return to DC Comics after we got the tipoff that a) The Authority would be mentioned in an upcoming comic and b) Apollo would return as well as Midnighter and Grifter from the Wildstorm universe Whether their appearance in a Superman comic would lead[...]
The Full Timeline For DC Comics Future State
And what book goes where… and Bleeding Cool has cut them up and put them on one shareable picture. The Full Timeline For DC Comics Future State 2025: Arkham Knights, Batgirls, Batman/Superman, Batman Catwoman, Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, Grifters, Nightwing, Outsiders, Red Hood, Robin Eternal 2027: Dark Detective, The Flash, Teen Titans 2029: Shazam! 2030: Aquaman, Black Racer, Justice[...]
Bleeding Cool Celebrates LGBTQ Creators For Pride Month
You guys are awesome. Finally, I would like to include the writer Steve Orlando in this little list: Steve Orlando Orlando made waves for me when he hit the DC scene with Midnighter, which featured an unapologetic and frank look at a gay character His Midnighter was a man regularly in bed with another man, bedroom floor littered[...]
When DC Comics Censored A Kiss Between Apollo And Midnighter
He thought Midnighter and Apollo were nothing more than gay Superman and Batman and making fun of Superman and Batman So, this Jenny Sparks thing rolled around, and there was a gay kiss, and they flipped out, and they censored it Mark Miller was very good about using the social networks and using [comic book[...]
A Love Worth Fighting For – Midnighter & Apollo #4
By Joe Glass [SPOILERS FOLLOW FOR MIDNIGHTER & APOLLO #4] Well now, this one is a doozy! For those needing a catch up (and really, why? You should ALL be picking up this book), Midnighter has descended into Hell to rescue Apollo, who was killed by the Mawzir and is now being held captive by Neron. When last we[...]
Midnighter Decapitates Your Fragile Masculinity
By Joe Glass Midnighter & Apollo #1 came out last week now, and I have read that comic, what, eight times by now I think? It's just that good It's everything I've been crying out for in terms of full on queer representation in mainstream comics You have gay leads, front and center They're happy (albeit[...]
Midnighter – This Is The Comic That Goes Like This SPOILERS)
Everyone seen Spamalot? Everyone at least know the songs? Everyone at least know this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-fG8c-CMoUVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Spamalot – Song that Goes Like This (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-fG8c-CMoU) Midnighter #12 is out today The final issue, the comic led with a Midnighter without Apollo[...]
Amanda Waller Pwns Deadshot In Tomorrow's Midnighter….
From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. From Midnighter #19, out tomorrow… …ouch. [...]
Steve Orlando Named By The Advocate As One Of Their '40 Under 40'
Writing ultra-violent stories with gay men at their center has earned Orlando criticism from some LGBT readers who worry about the messages comics like Midnighter and Virgil send Orlando brushes them off, pointing out that what's needed is a wider range of characters from across the LGBT spectrum and queer heroes who embrace violence are needed[...]
Tales from the Four Color Closet: Top 5 LGBTQ in Comics in 2015
Midnighter by Steve Orlando et al (DC Comics) When DC announced their new DC You initiative, I was hugely surprised to see that Midnighter was getting his own series. Midnighter is of course well known and established as one of DC's LGBTQ superheroes, but up until know was pretty much part of 'Apollo & Midnighter', falling in[...]
How This Week's Midnighter Reunited Grant Morrison With Warren Ellis (SPOILERS)
Wednesday saw the launch of the new James Bond comic by Warren Ellis and the Santa Claus origin comic Klaus by Grant Morrison. But it wouldn't be the only thing that joined them together that day. Midnighter, was a character created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch back in the Stormwatch days A Batman analogue, and the partner[...]
NYCC '15: Has Azrael Already Re-Appeared In Midnighter?
Asked at the DC All Access panel at New York Comic Con, if the character Azrael might appear anytime soon in DC's comics, the panel began to dismiss the idea, "not on this panel"… until Midnighter writer Steve Orlando interrupted, to say "you possibly already have…" Midnighter readers? Can you identify an Azrael hidden in plain[...]