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Kat Calamia Launches Bi Visibility Comic on Kickstarter
But when Jenna's feelings grow into something more, she must decide if she should risk losing it all for a chance at true love. Genre: Romance Writer: Julius Dulinayan Artist: Maru Davalos Gay Panic An instructional PSA detailing the do's and don'ts of broaching your partner's bisexuality and what to do when the Gay Panic™️ sets in. Genre: PSA Writer: Wells Thompson (Descent into Dread, MechaTon) Artist: Ile Gonzalez[...]
How Marvel and DC are Collecting Their Pride Comics for Bookstores
New talents and fan-favorites tell their Pride stories — stories of inspiration and empowerment, featuring Wiccan and Hulkling! Iceman! Mystique and Destiny! Karma! Akihiro! Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean! And more sensational characters, old and new! Plus, Billy and Teddy's honeymoon is interrupted by a full-scale galactic invasion of symbiotes! Aaron Fischer is the Captain[...]
Xbox Announces 2021 Pride Celebrations To Honor LGBTQIA+ Players
Xbox Game Studios revealed their plans for their 2021 Pride Month celebrations in which they will honor LGBTQIA+ players The company will be focusing on "intersectionality and lifting up LGBTQIA+ voices across gaming" as well as donating $150K to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits On top of that, they have opened up a number of different initiatives that[...]
Brooklyn To Host Pride Comic Book Street Fair On June 13th
His art journey led him to the group Geeks OUT, where he sat on the board for 5 years and worked on projects such as Flame Con, the world's largest LGBTQ+ comic and pop culture geek convention, and POWER: An Anthology of Queer Creators, a collection of short comics by 30-plus creators, which he conceived[...]
Disappearing/Reappearing Queer Loki On Marvel's Voices: Pride Cover
What gave? Marvel's Voices: Pride Cover by Luciano Vecchio The cry went out – had Marvel Comics removed Loki? Despite being a gender-fluid character, both in classic Norse mythology and in current Marvel continuity, was there a problem with including Loki on an LGBTQ+ cover? Could this be a conflict with the character's TV series dropping in[...]
Hari Conner Sells I Shall Never Fall In Love Graphic Novel At Auction
I've been planning this 'trans/non-binary romantic hero, queer period drama romcom of my dreams' for years, and I'm beyond thrilled I get to make it a reality… also a huge thanks to everyone who's listened to my overenthusiasm about this & attempts to talk to them about queer history so far, especially my agent @jessicamileo[...]