Did Marvel Stealth-Cancel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Back in April, we wrote about four Marvel Comics titles which, based mostly on a gut feeling from reading the solicitations released that month, looked like they could be on the chopping block. Those titles were Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Unstoppable Wasp, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The X-books were confirmed to be ending soon after to make way for Jonathan Hickman's relaunch, and Unstoppable Wasp was also soon confirmed.

But Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been a crown jewel of Marvel's foray into young reader trade paperback sales. It's also got a television show in development. Would they really end it?

Well, there's no issue of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur listed in Marvel's full November solicitations… and none in October either, for that matter. The last issue of Moon Girl solicited, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47, feels even more final than that one for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #45 from April which we predicted could be the start of the book's final storyline.

At this point, we're unable to confirm anything. Marvel doesn't announce when they cancel a series; they simply stop soliciting it and hope nobody will notice and make a big deal. It could be that the series is taking a break, or even that it's switching format, as it sells better in collections. But one thing for certain is that there will be no new issues Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in stores in October or November.

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Did Marvel Stealth-Cancel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

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