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Comics People React To Frank Miller Drawing A Wolverine Cover

Frank Miller has been drawing a few covers for Marvel Comics of late, which means revisiting a number of characters he drew 40 years ago.

Frank Miller has been drawing a few variant covers for Marvel Comics of late, which means he has revisited a number of characters he has drawn forty years ago, and it has been a divisive experience, especially with this cover to Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons Of Vengence #1.

Frank Miller Wolverine

And here's a few other ones he has contributed in recent years.

But some people really want his work to still look like this, as inked by Klaus Janson.

Frank Miller Wolverine

And they took to social media to argue one way or another.

  • Officer Martinez: Frank Miller achieving the impossible He made Wolverine look like trash
  • K. Thor Jensen: people keep trying to make the case to me for modern day frank miller and I simply cannot
  • Ben Schouten: Frank Miller is maybe one of the clearest examples of late style in comic books which is why his work is worthy of discussion
  •  Arron's Ghost: Remember how Frank Miller used to draw Wolverine, that was awesome
  • WalkingAround: One day, something broke in Frank Miller's mind and he decided to turn his artstyle into a bunch of shaved yetis. And this is talking about Miller just as artist.
  • Brett Alan Dewing: Uhhh…maybe the forty years since Frank Miller's first Wolverine cover have not been kind. This is his new take
    Dan McDaid: People have trouble criticising or even talking about Frank Miller's current work because it exists outside the bounds of what we consider "acceptable" superhero art. Unlike most comic art, It's not "faithful" to the characters and it doesn't set out to please the audience.
  • Kenneth Livitski: The horrific Wolverine cover on the left is by the same artist that did the legendary cover on the right. Marvel, if Frank Miller can't see it, please help him see it. Don't let him tarnish his legacy.
  • Karl Altstaetter: I'm digging this Frank Miller Wolverine cover. The modern version of FM's work intrigues me. It's more abstract, similar to the route Mignola has taken in his recent work. I feel like we are getting the purest version of his style. It's raw and cartooney. It still gives the viewer a visceral reaction. Artists evolve, that's part of the artistic journey. Staying relevant while you evolve is something FM has mastered.
  • The Wednesday Pull List: It's time to let Frank Miller retire.
  • Zach Rabiroff: My take on the Frank Miller discourse is that if comics twitter had been around in 1964, it would say that Jack Kirby should have retired after Sky Masters.
  • ClassicXbooks: What in sweet f-ckin Jesus name is this Frank Miller?
  • Son of JeddahWhat happened to Frank Miller's art style? I like the premise of the crossover but surely we could've expected a better variant cover than this
  • Ella Warren: We have lost so many comic creators in the last few years so I just see it in bad taste that folks are taking the time to disrespect Frank Miller. Thumbs up to the readers that are showing appreciation to him.
  • David Williams: I got the opportunity to show a little respect and honor Frank Miller when I use to get work at Marvel. Frank just doesn't seem to care anymore in his art concerning Superhero comics IMHO.
  • John Ernenputsch: Those Frank Miller covers are actually awesome. Taking the fact that it's Frank Miller, and everything that comes with that in recent years, out of the equation, I don't get why people refuse to accept that different styles are a good thing. Not like you're being forced to buy…
  • Graeme McMillan: Frank Miller returns to Wolverine for the first time in decades for a new variant cover, per Marvel PR. I feel like he's heading towards a Mick McMahon-inspired period — look at those hands!
  • VitoComedy: My buddy's theory is that everybody hates Frank Miller's art because colorists have no idea what to do with it. I do think it looks a lot better when you leave it mostly untouched.

But maybe the issue was with colouring? Here are a few takes:

Frank Miller Wolverine

Sarah Horrocks: Man, I'd love to read a Frank Miller Wolverine in his current style. Black and white.

Frank Miller Wolverine

Ryan Barr: It's time to get Frank Miller a BETTER. COLORIST. I am not kidding! The Spider-man is really close to actually working, but his work is borderline SCREAMING for a flat color treatment with some textures to really make it look like something. The work itself is flat and boxy. I'll never understand why he'd want it to have more than 1 dimension. Someday I wanna do an entire thread on comic artists from pre-2000's and why if you do cel shaded coloring over most of those people it's just gonna look like crap. Gets me so heated. I could honestly give a ted talk on just Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson.

Frank Miller Wolverine

Jason Piperberg: Ryan is correct! Frank Miller's new work isn't bad. Much respect to the original colorist, but here's my take on this drawing on the Thing. I went in a direction that shows the power in Franks line work and shape economy. Mine on the left. Original on the right.

Ryan Barr: JASON WITH THE W! THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, DAMMIT! NIGHT AND DAY! Absolutely phenomenal edit. Now THIS is where Frank Miller should go with his work post Sin City.

So what do you reckon? Would a different approach to colouring his work – or not at all – make it more acceptable to more people? Or should everyone just stop whingeing and learn to appreciate the master while we still have him? And how can I get him to do a Bleeding Cool illustration for free? If you have any answers, please add them in the comments.

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