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DC Cancels Hellblazer, Hawkman, Teen Titans, Young Justice and More
In previous months, DC Comics has listed cancellations for ongoing series Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Red Hood: Outlaw, Batman And The Outsiders, justice League Odyssey and more, with November 2020 solicitations they have added Hawkman, Hellblazer, Teen Titans, Young Justice and Suicide Squad to that list, while Aquaman remains up in the air Which is hardly[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Joe Quesada Defends Marvel Cancellation Bloodbath on Twitter
I really have issues with how Marvel marketed these books and handled the cancellations and the anger over the cancellations, but I am not implying anything personally about you or your belief in creators. — Gary H (@HappyGuyDublin) December 22, 2017 No that's cool My bad, should have looked more closely I would argue with the marketing,[...]
Frankensteining Marvel's Solicitations For February 2015 (Update With Added Spider-Man)
Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a lot more cancellations that orginally thought for Marvel titles for February of March – but also to expect a very cool guest artist for an issue or 2 of Thor But for now, courtesy of Marvel's favourite websites Newsarama,  CBR and Comic Book… Marvel solicitations for February… Frankensteining them[...]
DC Cancels I Vampire
We'd heard the rumours around New York Comic Con that I Vampire would be cancelled with issue 18. But with the collection bursting into the New York Times