Did You Like The Recent Battlestar Galactica Series? Thank Rob Liefeld.

battlestargalactica(1995maximum)1A couple of decades ago, Battlestar Galactica was this sci-fi TV show from the seventies and eighties that was roundly mocked for being cheesey, trite and quite a bit Mormon.

When Rob Liefeld got the license to create comics based on the show, he picked them up for pennies. There was no interest in the license whatsoever. He was the first who had enquired in years,

Unlike the later TV show, Liefeld and writer Matt Hawkins didn't go a reboot but a continuation, years after the TV show. Involving Battlestar actor Richard Hatch as a writer, it was relatively popular for a while and innovated the idea of human-looking Cyclons infiltrating the fleet.

It also led to Trendmasters deciding to create Battlestar Galactica toys based on the comic book revival.

And yes there was quite a bit of discussion over the overpumped Starbuck. And the look of the Imperious Leader was based on the original idea of the Cylons being lizards that had cyborged up, before they became just robots who cold be safely killed

But this was the moment that the licensors realised that they actually might have a property that people would be interesting in. They upped the license amount for Liefeld, which he refused to pay. And they went hunting for folk who might actually like to turn Battlestar Galactica into a TV show again, using the interest in comics and toys to show that the project was still alive.

And they found them.

The rest is history. So say we all.


Thanks Rob. Hey, can we also blame you for the ending too?

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