DiDio: The Nu52 Sold "A Little Bit" Better Than DC Rebirth In Trade Paperback

For all of the abuse hurled at DC for terrorizing its audience with the Nu52 reboot, it wasn't a total loss. Sales of DC titles during the early months of the reboot were up, though they eventually dwindled, necessitating the thinly veiled apology known as DC Rebirth. But it seems that the make-up sex may not be quite as good as the break-up sex, according to DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio.

DiDio: The Nu52 Sold "A Little Bit" Better Than DC Rebirth In Trade Paperback

In an interview with ICv2, DiFio talked about how sales of DC Rebirth trade paperbacks compare to the Nu52.

"We were hoping the Rebirth trades would be a little more robust, but they are running extraordinarily strong, a little bit short of what the New 52 trades did when we first launched with those," DiDio said.

Maybe they should bring the Nu52 back? *ducks for cover*

Just kidding.

But reboots and deboots aren't the only trick DC has up their sleeve for boosting sales. In the course of the discussion, Co-Publisher Jim Lee addressed the spike in sales of Wonder Woman trade paperbacks in the wake of the success of the movie.

"We did see lift," Lee revealed. "We didn't see the same level of lift that we saw in The Killing Joke.  That was a runaway hit. (That actually didn't tie into Suicide Squad, there was a couple of images.)  Generally, our Batman‑related backlist has always outperformed anything related to movies."

According to Lee, while Wonder Woman's sales boost didn't measure up to Batman's backlist, the comparison to Superman's sales is more favorable. Further, DiDio added that Wonder Woman's sales continue to see a boost today, and that they overperformed expectations. "At the end of the day, our sales, like the movie, had really good legs."

"Wonder Woman is where it's at," Lee concluded. "Flash has seen great lift. Preacher. We do watch the performance, and Wonder Woman has done really well for us based on the success of the movie."

On the subject of The Flash, DiDio said that the CW TV show continues to boost sales of Flash periodicals and trades.

However, he added, "It's not Walking Dead numbers. (We'd all kill for Walking Dead numbers.)"


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