dan didio

dan didio

Dan DiDio, Stocking Up On Essentials During Coronavirus Pandemic

Man, when the bosses at DC Comics see this, they are totally going to fire him. Oh wait… anyway, former DC publisher Dan DiDio has been posting up a storm on social media about bagging up his comics collection in his Californian home during the coronavirus pandemic. But what happens when you run out of […]

Comic Store In Your Future – The King Is Dead But The Emperor has No Clothes

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. As many of you know DC Publisher, Dan DiDio, is no longer with DC Comics. It was a quite out of the blue announcement. I, along with a group of store owners had dinner with Dan years ago in Kansas City. I left impressed […]

Post-Dan DiDio Changes, Already Happening at DC Comics?

I understand that it is too late to affect Flash #750, out at C2E2today and in comic stores on Wednesday. But it appears that a number of writers who have been working on upcoming comic books in line with the new DC Timeline, as of yesterday are being asked to make significant changes. The original […]

When DC Comics Wanted To Distribute Boom Studios

When DC Comics Wanted To Distribute Boom Studios

DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros. Today, Boom Studios is owned by Foz Studios. But something could made it all look very different. Boom Studios co-founder and publisher Ross Richie posted, in the wake of Dan DiDio's no longer being publisher of DC Comics, saying, I want to wish Dan DiDio all the best in his […]

Gossip: Luke Fox, Jonathan Kent - What DC Comics' 5G is All About

AT&T and Warner Bros – The Real Driving Force Behind DC Comics' 5G

Some people have decided, it seems, that Dan DiDio was fired as Publisher at Warner Bros because of the 5G/Generation Five relaunch he instigated within the company over the last nine months. This is not true – and yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported, after talking to creators, that 5G was very much still on the books, […]

Nightwing Gets to the Bottom of a Major Mystery in Nightwing #70 [Improbable Previews]

Nightwing Seeks Answers on Didio's Departure in Nightwing #70 [Improbable Previews]

Every so often (but seemingly less so since we started this column), comic book publishers accidentally send out unlettered previews, showing us what the characters are doing but not what they're saying. What a boner! In Improbable Previews, we correct this mistake by putting the words back in, using our best guess at what they are […]

Dan Didio Calls Out Nostalgia, Speculator Marketing

Dan Didio Reacts to Dan Didio's DC Departure

Bleeding Cool has published several articles collecting comics industry reactions to the shocking news broken by Bleeding Cool last week that Dan Didio is no longer at DC Comics, with word from sources indicating Didio was fired for "fostering a poor work environment," leaving Jim Lee in charge as the sole publisher for now. But […]

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis to Finish Metal Men With #12

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis to Finish Metal Men With #12

Dan DiDio may no longer be Publisher of DC Comics – we explained why here late last night. But he wasn't just DC Publisher, he was also the writer of the series Metal Men, drawn by Shane Davis. Issue 5 has just been published by DC Comics – but what else is to come? Well, […]


Rob Liefeld Celebrates Dan Didio's DC Departure

Bleeding Cool broke the news earlier today (and then chicken website ComicBook.com copied it without giving any attribution). After ten long, grueling years of reboots, rebirths, and more reboots, Dan Didio is out at DC. Though, if you were reading Twitter, you might have thought he died or something, based on all the nice and […]

More Comics Industry Reaction to Dan DiDio Leaving DC

More Comics Industry Reaction to Dan DiDio Leaving DC

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Dan DiDio was no longer Publisher of DC Comics. We learnt further details of how it happened, how it went down at ComicsPRO and finally the reasons why he had been fired. DiDio has not provided any public comment, but he did update his cover photo twice on […]

So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?

So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop that Dan DiDio had gone at DC Comics. He was probably my favourite comic book publisher. I often didn't agree with his publishing decisions, (who does with anyone's?), but I enjoyed his company and his presence immensely. Also that he would 'play the game' – he understood Bleeding […]

Comic Book Industry Reacts To… The Departure of Dan DiDio From DC Comics

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop today that DC Publisher Dan DiDio had gone at DC Comics. Reaction was swift. Here's how a few comic book professionals reacted to the news. So @bleedingcool is reporting that Dan DiDio is no longer affiliated with DC Comics. I liked Dan very much. We disagreed on a […]

Dan DiDio

Dan DiDio No Longer Publisher of DC Comics, As Of Today

Whether he was quit, fired, or pushed out, we don't yet know. We may never know. But Bleeding Cool can confirm that Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics is no longer publisher of DC Comics. He is gone from the company, as of today. Whatever happened, happened fast. Bleeding Cool has confirmed with a number […]

As Dan DiDio and DC Comics Come To London, Will They Face Anti-5G Protests?

DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio is coming to London, with a few other DC executives, for the premiere of Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) on the 29th January at the British Film Institute on London's South Bank. No I don't have an invite. But have people been prepared? I […]

DC Comics Introducing A Periodical Dollar Comic?

DC Comics Introducing A Periodical Dollar Comic?

Today, addressing comic book retailers on Facebook, DC Publisher Dan DiDio talked about a number of matters (and you can catch up with them all with this handy tag).  We looked his DC Comics plans for big collections and original graphic novels for younger readers. But there's a lot of money in reprints these days […]