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Frank Miller Surprise Drops Am The Ashcan, coming to Comics Next Week
Frank Miller Presents, the new publishing imprint created and curated by Frank Miller, with former DC publisher Dan DiDio as FMP publisher, is releasing its first published work into comic book stores in twelve days time, Wednesday, the 17th of August This original 32-page comic, with a suggested retail price of $1, will be sent[...]
First Look At Frank Miller's The Geek
Frank Miller was launching a new publishing company, with Dan DiDio appointed as the company's new publisher The new company will be called Frank Miller Presents, or FMP, with Frank Miller as president and editor-in-chief, working with other creators old and new, with Silenn Thomas, current CEO of Frank Miller Ink, as COO of FMP, and Dan DiDio[...]
Frank Miller Presents Ancient Enemies by Dan DiDio & Danilo Beyruth
Three weeks ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Frank Miller was setting up a new comics publisher with former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio Yesterday, Borys Kit of The Hollywood Re-Reporter ran the same story as an exclusive.  But they also named one of the books being planned as Ancient Enemies Well, Bleeding Cool[...]
Dan DiDio & Kenneth Rocafort To Publish New YA Novel, Hide And Seek
Last week, Bleeding Cool announced that former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio and comics creator  Frank Miller were to announce a new publishing deal, with DiDio running Frank Miller's new publishing business Well, it hasn't been announced yet, we may have to wait another week But we don't have to wait for his new project,[...]
Dan DiDio Running New Frank Miller Publishing Business
Both Dan DiDio and Frank Miller attended the Fan Expo Philadelphia last weekend And they may have had much to discuss The word in the bar was that Dan DiDio will be running Frank Miller's new publishing business going forward What that will be, what projects it will concern itself with, we have no idea[...]
The New Justice League, For DC Comics' Dark Crisis
As previously (mostly) seen in the Justice League Future State series. Notably, this was former DC publisher Dan DiDio's plan for the Justice League as part of 5G before he was fired And although 5G was done away as a thing that would have aged out the previous Justice Leaguers, with the DC Timeline stretched back[...]
When Grant Morrison Planned A Left Wing & A Right Wing Superman
With dire consequences for the world, of course! The Superman & The Authority originally came out of Dan DiDio's desire for the older Superman to turn to right-wing authoritarianism, but Morrison turned that plan into something more celebratory of the classic adventurer But it seems a little of that survived, with the Red/Blue reflecting the politics[...]
Dan DiDio Visits George Perez
To those of you who have sent me letters through my email, George has and is receiving them. Over the weekend, the page added a photo and message with the former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio DiDio brought Perez back to DC in 2006 for JSA and then Brave And The Bold, before relaunching Superman with[...]
Grant Morrison On DC Comics Wanting To Make Supergirl Fascist As Well
Supergirl fascist? Grant Morrison is continuing their Xanaduum Substack recollections of the events surrounding Dan DiDio, DC Comics, 5G and the new DC timeline that led them to write the Superman & The Authority mini-series that was eventually published by DC Comics, even though 5G and Dan Didio had, by then, been dropped. We knew from[...]
At the time, we suspected that it was a reworked version of a comic planned for Dan DiDio's 5G reboot, and the first part seems to confirm that this is where we are going. SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY #1 (OF 4) CVR B BRYAN HITCH CARD STOCK VAR In June 2020, Bleeding Cool scooped the gossip that[...]
Dark Crisis From DC Comics – What Dan DiDio Wanted To Call Metal
Dark Crisis time! Bleeding Cool has been intrigued by the remaining influence of former publisher Dan DiDio on DC Comics Even though his DC Timeline and 5G project were junked – including the entire print run (minus one) of the 2020 Free Comic Book Day title Generation Zero, many of those initiatives still survived Jace[...]
DC Comics Throws Away All Continuity in Batman/Superman Authority
It begins with Superman meeting President Kennedy the month of his assassination as Kennedy is planning putting a man on Mars, while Superman becomes part of that year's putting a man on the moon – an event that sees him unable to prevent the assassination of JFK. While the rest of the series, set in the[...]
Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The 5G DC Universe
5G went away, of course, as publisher Dan DiDio – and chief champion of 5G and the new DC Timeline – was fired by DC Comics This week Bleeding Cool ran the planned new DC Timeline which would have seen Batman and Superman aged up to their late fifties, Nightwing into his forties, Jonathan Kent[...]
For the First Time, The Full DC Comics Timeline Planned By Dan DiDio
Last month, we got a better look at the DC Comics Timeline that was announced in 2019, meant to have been in the Free Comic Book Day comic for 2020 (until a million copies were pulped) and then was done away with as publisher Dan DiDio was fired Since then we have managed to get[...]