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DC Comics Throws Away All Continuity in Batman/Superman Authority
It begins with Superman meeting President Kennedy the month of his assassination as Kennedy is planning putting a man on Mars, while Superman becomes part of that year's putting a man on the moon – an event that sees him unable to prevent the assassination of JFK. While the rest of the series, set in the[...]
Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The 5G DC Universe
5G went away, of course, as publisher Dan DiDio – and chief champion of 5G and the new DC Timeline – was fired by DC Comics This week Bleeding Cool ran the planned new DC Timeline which would have seen Batman and Superman aged up to their late fifties, Nightwing into his forties, Jonathan Kent[...]
For the First Time, The Full DC Comics Timeline Planned By Dan DiDio
Last month, we got a better look at the DC Comics Timeline that was announced in 2019, meant to have been in the Free Comic Book Day comic for 2020 (until a million copies were pulped) and then was done away with as publisher Dan DiDio was fired Since then we have managed to get[...]
Interior preview page from SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY #1 (OF 4) CVR A MIKEL JANIN
After meticulous study, Bleeding Cool is currently preparing to publish the final, complete DC Timeline that Dan DiDio had planned to run alongside 5G, was published in the pulped Free Comic Book Day title for 2020, and would have defined the DC Universe going forward The moment this tweet hits 100 retweets it will be[...]
Dan DiDio Bins New DC Comics Timeline For The Second Time
Dan DiDio, former publisher of DC Comics, is moving house On Facebook he posted "Things That Happen During A Move #1 The Timeline gets broken… Again" with the following visual And I just wondered why he couldn't have sent it to me, and what I could have learned from these contents anyway. Dan DiDio Scraps New[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Bleeding Cool previously noted what we thought might be a dig against the former publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDio, in the Death Metal #7 event finale for the sequel series created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for DC Comics Which saw Wally West sitting in the Mobius Chair with the power of Dr[...]
Dan DiDio
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool noted that former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio had been gone for a year at DC Comics, but his influence is still writ large in Future State and how it will continue into Infinite Frontier. Dan DiDio photo by Luigi Novi. Den Of Geek, talking to John Ridley, saw him talk about the origins[...]
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. The Boys Star Jack Quaid as Starlight Is a Sight You Just Can't Unsee Buffy: A Teachable Moment in Cognitive Dissonance After Joss Whedon Dark Side of the Ring Welcomes The "King of Ultraviolence" to Season 3 The Kanto Celebration Is Now Live In Pokémon GO Titans: Conor Leslie Confirms That[...]
So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?
That Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, the man behind the New 52 and the upcoming 5G, was no longer publisher Whether he was quit, fired, or pushed out of DC Comics, we don't yet know We may never know But Bleeding Cool can confirm that Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics is no longer publisher of[...]
Whether that's American Horror Story, The Orville, Mayans MC, Dan DiDio or more, the Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: American Horror Story, courtesy of FX Networks. Daily LITG: American Horror Story, The Orville, Mayans[...]
Wally West Joining Up The Dots Between Heroes In Crisis, Rebirth, Doomsday Clock in Flash Forward #6 - 5G Next? (Spoilers)
Since its publication, we have seen the departure from DC Comics of publisher Dan DiDio, and Scott Lobdell leave his final comic book for DC, Red Hood: Outlaw. Before they left, Lobdell wrote Flash Forward under the direction of Dan DiDio, which took DiDio's Tempus Fuginaut Watcher-like character from Sideways in an attempt to deal with[...]
DC Comics Appoint New General Manager In Sepotember
A number of creators brought into DC Comics by publisher Dan DiDio before his firing, with an eye for working on 5G/Generation Five titles It was a move at DC Comics away from the usual comics writer talent base, to TV, film and animation writers, with the intention to bring in new energy – fans[...]
Dan DiDio Has a New Job in the DC Universe
Early this year, Dan DiDio was let go as Publisher of DC Comics It was quite the thing, but also very much the shape of things to come A precursor if you will to two waves of DC Comics senior redundancies through the year, alongside the pandemic shutdowns, distributor and printer changes and everything else[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
In which characters and comic books are no longer tied to a strict continuity but will play faster and looser with history. The DC Omniverse – Continuity Changes In 2021, After Future State This is a direct rejection of former DC publisher Dan DiDio's plans for a new DC Timeline that had began to be set up[...]