Eight Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming X-Men Comics

Well, Minister Sinister gets away with it with his Bar Sinister gossip column, The Red Diamond. We looked at a couple of recent iterations and they all panned out, including the current Russian storylines. But there aren't any more right now, which leads Bleeding Cool to step in and fill the gaps. So here are eight spoilers for upcoming X-Men comic books. What you believe is entirely up to you. Feel free to return at the end of August to mark just how well we did. Your mileage, and salt level as ever, may vary.

Eight Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming X-Men Comics
Eight Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming X-Men Comics

1) You saw Wolverine get Magneto drunk and use his helmet to ensure he wouldn't against be possessed by a telepath. But before he gives it back to Magneto, he uses it as a toilet. And only tells Magneto after it's already back on his head. Maybe that white hair won't be quite so white?

2) Madelyne Pryor plans to flood Krakoa with Marauders, and sink the islands. She may mean this literally. It's so hard to tell with clones.

3) Cable has some competition for the Stepford Cuckoos from one Quentin Quire – 0r at least one of them. Will Nathan be agreeable to share and share alike, as his father does?

4) Wolverine has his very own Krakoan gate to the worst place in the world that no one else knows about, or so he thinks.

5) Someone has a Cerebro sword and is planning to use it. The method of transfer from one place to another is rather gruesome.

6) The mutant trauma support group bans all hate speech, except that against mutants, who may be freely doxxed at will. It's in the guidelines.

7) It's not just The Brood that is going to remind you of Alien on Krakoa.

8) It's really is all about Russia.

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