Fanboy Rampage: Nick Spencer Vs. Critics, Nerdist, And Occasionally DC Comics For Some Reason


Nick Spencer is arguing on Twitter today, and you know what that means. That's right, it means today is a day ending in "Y." Look, we're not judging. It's just that the guy argues on Twitter a lot.

But context is important. What is Nick Spencer arguing about? First, it's people criticizing Axel Alonso for saying artists don't move the needle:

And what would a defense of Marvel be, without a criticism of DC?

Next, it was time to move on to an article on Nerdist refuting Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing's David Gabriel's assertion that Marvel is hearing that fans don't want diversity anymore. In the article, Spencer is brought up as one of the problems with Marvel that aren't diversity:

When Brian Michael Bendis writes Miles Morales as being upset with a fan who mentions his black heritage, or when Nick Spencer has Sam Wilson apologize to Steve Rogers for any activism-fueled anger he may have displayed in the past, it comes off as tone-deaf and leaves readers understandably less than thrilled. The same comic features multiethnic villains who are parodies of the "Social Justice Warrior" stereotype, who shout phrases like "You should be an ally, not helping to defend oppression culture!" and "Consider this your trigger warning!" as they throw grenades at Sam. (Spencer later jumped into a critical Twitter thread by Blerds Online to explain why he was in the right, which didn't help.)

Spencer took to Twitter to respond, of course:

Spencer retweeted a tweet from Mark Waid, who has noted how hard it is for Marvel executives not to punch journalists in the face, to help make his case:

And continued:

The argument got really deep.

And Spencer described his view:

Someone points out:

A million dollars says he's not done.

And then he was done. Four four hours at least. We assume he took a nap. It was 3AM, after all.

Refreshed, Spencer returned:

And then he was really done… with that argument.

As to Spencer's issue with cropping panels, that's easily solved. We'll just post the full pages.

Both the apology and the Bombshells appear in Captain America Sam Wilson #17. Here's the apology:


And here's the pages from later in the issue, featuring the Bombshells:






But Spencer had already moved on from that. Now, it was time to argue about super-mega-crossover events, and whether DC does as many of them as Marvel.

The digs will come soon though.

God bless you, Nick Spencer. People may say a lot of things about you, but they can never say you don't have stamina. Now get some sleep, man.

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