Geoff Johns, Meredith Finch, Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Nicola Scott and Charles Soule, DC's Champions Of Justice!

By Will Romine

Hello Friends!

Will Romine here, reporting live from the DC Comics: Champions of Justice panel at SDCC. Last night, I got the most coveted exclusive at SDCC, a full night's sleep.  I'm raring to go, so let's make this happen.

Today, we have with us a powerhouse of DC talent.  Geoff Johns, Meredith Finch, Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Nicola Scott and Charles Soule.   They're coming to bear and dropping some knowledge on us fools.

Rather than waste your time trying to craft this into my typical labyrinthian prose, it's going to be straight up info and bullet points up in this.

Justice League

-Geoff Johns is taking point on describing what's going to happen in the near future.  Forever Evil's end goal was to find out what could we do to get Luthor to "behave".  We also find out that Niles Caulder and Lex have a history and that Niles is a bigger bastard than Lex ever was.  The Doom Patrol consists of wounded people, who Caulder further wounds.

-When Shazam joins the Justice League, he finds the HQ a little boring.  He's still a kid, after all.  When he uses his magic to summon  "What the Justice League really needs", a ping pong table appears.


-Jimmy will go through some "changes", bigger than turtle boy

-We will meet a new character: Ulysses, a baby who was sent from Earth to another dimension, and then came back.

Wonder Woman

Check out these sick pencils!

photo (9)


Wally will run!

Also, elements from the TV show that were created for the TV show, have already been introduced into the book.

Green Lantern

Hal has had to step up as a leader, which means that he can no longer act on his gut and instead become a strategist.  He's no longer a hotshot flyboy.  The theme of the next arc is how to evolve without losing the core of what makes you who you are.

Green Lantern Corps

John has a chip on his shoulder,thinking he should lead the corps.  Next Arc will lead to Jon's search for the real fatality

Red Lanterns

Charles Soule:  Atrocitous vs Gardner rematch.  As a leader, Atrocitious treated the corps as a religion, whereas Guy is running it like a biker gang.  This will be the source of their conflict.

AWWW Moment: Geoff Johns thanks Soule for not killing Dex Star.

Swamp Thing 

Soule: We will be exploring the idea that ST is new to the job.   In DC time, he's only been doing this a few months.

Swamp Thing creates a smaller version of himself.  This smaller version keeps him updated on the events of the outside world.

photo (10)

Next Big Arc- There will be a new machine kingdom.  Just as the plant kingdom has the green as its champion, the machine kingdom will have its own.  Think a steampunk Swamp Thing.  Trouble is, every time a new champion is created, it brings with it a near global extinction event.

Well gang, that was a little quicker and dirtier than I'd like, but I hope I got you the info you need.

I'll be at SDCC all week, follow me @notacomplainer.

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