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Conrad, Gab Contreras, Joe Cooper, Joe Corallo, Alex Cormack, Jorge Corona, Marcelo Costa, CRANK!, Frank Cvetkovic, Nenad Cviticanin, Tony Donley, Siike Donnelly, Rich Douek, Dave Dwonch, Matt Emmons, Taylor Esposito, Scott Ewen, Eduardo Ferigato, Nick Filardi, Bob Fingerman, Tony Fleecs, Michael Jan Friedman, Antonio Fuso, Alfie Gallagher, Dillon Gemmill, Kieron Gillen, Sina Grace, Frank Gogol,[...]
James Bond: Casino Royale – An Essay by Van Jensen
The book was done by Van Jensen and Dennis Calero with colors by Chris O'Halloran and a cover by Fay Dalton It is based on the very first James Bond novel written by Ian Fleming, long before Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig Before the ejector seats and[...]
Chapterhouse March 2018 Solicits: Die Kitty Die and Invasion on FCBD 2018
Die Kitty Die comes back for Free Comic Book Day 2018, plus Van Jensen and Leonard Kirk bring you Invasion for Free Comic Book Day. Freelance and Fantomah continue their runs All this is from Chapterhouse's March 2018 solicits More details below. JAN180021 FCBD 2018 DIE KITTY DIE I LOVE YOU TO DEATH Kitty is dead… and Free Comic Book Day is just not the same without her! News[...]
Chapterhouse February 2018
Plus, another volume of Captain Canuck by Kalman Andrasofszky and Leonard Kirk, Van Jensen's Fallen Suns gets its first collected volume, and issues for Andrew Wheeler's Freelance and Ray Fawkes's Fantomah All of this is from Chapterhouse Entertainment in February of 2018. CAPTAIN CANUCK TP VOL 03 HARBINGER (C: 0-0-1) (W) Kalman Andrasofszky (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) John Gallagher Don't miss this collected edition of Captain Canuck Season 3! Tom Evans[...]
Van Jensen On Adapting Casino Royale: "Easiest Yes I've Ever Said"
But they have also tapped Van Jensen to adapt the original Casino Royale I got to chat with him yesterday about the project and the intricacies of adapting a book from 65 years ago. DAN WICKLINE: Okay, Mr Jensen, let's start this off by talking about how you got this project Up until now, Dynamite has[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview Of Wolfcop #1 And Six Million Dollar Man: Fall Of Man #5
This weeks exclusive extended previews from Dynamite Entertainment includes the second issue of Wolfcop by Max Marks and Allan Otero and the fifth issue of Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man by Van Jensen and Ron Salas. Wolfcop #2 writer: Max Marks artist: Allan Otero, Arcana Studios covers: Dean Motter (a) "WOLFCOP: LITTLE BROTHEL OF HORRORS has errant lupine[...]
It's Steve Austin Vs The OSI In Latest Six Million Dollar Man
Steve Austin fighting on a train and writer Van Jensen had artist Ron Salas do it all in one panel that goes over the length of the book Jensen talks with Byron Brewer about how Austin is now at odds with the organization that made him and just what that might mean for his future[...]
Politics, Conspiracy And Sci-Fi In An Exclusive Preview Of Cryptocracy #4
This time we are looking at the cleverly named Cryptocracy #4 from Van Jensen and Pete Woods The series is a mix of conspiracy theories, political thrills, and bizarre sci-fi all wrapped in an alternative history. Hidden away in northern China is the Preserve, a walled-off compound where the Nine Families have secreted away the world's deadliest[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Vampirella #6 And Six Million Dollar Man #2
Starting off with Van Jensen and Ron Salas' second issue of Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man and then the sixth issue of Kate Leth and Eman Casallos' Vampirella Vol 3. Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #2 writer: Van Jensen artist: Ron Salas cover: Ron Salas Billionaire technologist Mick Gentle has promised to restore Steve[...]
Van Jensen Has Written A Single Panel Spread Over 22 Pages
Van Jensen talks Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #3, on sale in September by Dynamite Cover by Ron Salas. BYRON BREWER: Van, with #3 coming in September it seems this Steve Austin adventure is taking on a little bit of a Hitchcockian tone: not so much psychological horror as the "mistaken man" scenario Were[...]