Giant Days #32 Review: A Delightful Slice Of Life

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The apartment is falling apart around our heroes, and the lease has come up, leaving all three women to think about their living situations. Susan is talking with her boyfriend on the issue, and Daisy is struggling with her girlfriend. Esther has a solution, but it may not work for everyone.

Giant Days #32 cover by Max Sarin
Giant Days #32 cover by Max Sarin

I hadn't had any experience with Giant Days before this issue, and, with a name like Giant Days, I was expecting something a little more mythic. Instead, what I received was a slice-of-life book about three women sharing an apartment.

And I adored it.

Esther, Susan, and Daisy are three incredibly lovable characters trying to live out their lives in this decaying apartment and awkward social situations, from Esther's comic shop job to Daisy's hipster/squatter skateboarding girlfriend with anarchist friends.

It was incredibly funny. It paces itself pretty well too, with no scene really outstaying its welcome, and the plot advances itself at a decent pace.

Any issues I had while reading would mainly be attributed to the genre, which isn't generally my choice of reading. I'm a nerd; superheroes, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror more quickly attracts my attention than comedy and romance, as such, there were moments where I was hoping something irradiated and/or alien would bust through the wall.

That is not intended to disparage the comic; it's only to say that if this were my jam I would likely be in love with it.

The art style is endearing and fitting too. It's akin to Scott Pilgrim in style, though figures are a bit more flowing and changing. Max Sarin has a visually appealing style perfect for the genre. Whitney Cogar plays with colors well to show mood and tone. It's a good-looking comic.

John Allison's Giant Days is a great read for those who like slice-of-life comics. It's funny, endearing, and downright adorable. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes quirky, low-energy comics without zombies, monsters, or superheroes (unless you count Susan, which I do).

Also, the talking woodworms are amazing.

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