Grant Morrison No Longer A Vegetarian, And More From The Graphic Content Podcast

The Graphic Content Podcast's Adam Messinger has returned from the unpronounceable ID10T Festival and has a lot to tell. The episode features Mike Marts from Aftershock Comics, Matt Wilson colourist on The Wicked + The Divine, Chris Burnham of Officer Downe, and Nameless, Donny Cates of Baby Teeth, Redneck and God Country, Matt Horak of Punisher, and Swamp Thing's Phil Hester. You can listen to the whole thing below, but here are a few highlights. The interviews start around 35 minutes in.

  • graphic contentCullen Bunn's two books Unholy Grail and Dark Ark are intended to follow Babyteeth in terms of impact from AfterShock.
  • Matt Wilson used to schedule his work on all the books he works on — now he just wings it.
  • Chris Burnham won't be getting royalties for Bat-Cow — even if he had created it, it would be derivative. Same with Damian Wayne.
  • Grant Morrison is not a vegetarian anymore.
  • Burnham turned down writing and drawing Batman Japan comic and he regrets it.
  • Donny Cates doesn't know the price of the comics he writes.
  • Diamond said no to Matt Horak's Octo Skull comic, based on EarthQuaker Devices pedal devices, but it can be bought here.
  • Phil Hester was inspired to publish his own comics and stories by Dave Sim, saying if you aren't here to tell your own stories, what are you doing here?

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