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GWAR To Make A Special Appearance In The New True Believers Comic

GWAR to make a special appearance in the new True Believers comic by Stephen Graham Jones, Joshua Viola, and Ben Matsuya,

Article Summary

  • GWAR joins the cast in issue #2 of the cosplay slasher comic series True Believers.
  • A thrilling narrative awaits with a rollercoaster of suspense, humor, and blood.
  • True Believers Kickstarter campaign launched for the eagerly anticipated second issue.
  • Experience the horror of Killr™, cosplay, and the dark side of fandom at the Colorado Festival.

True Believers is a new comic by horror writer Stephen Graham Jones, Joshua Viola, and Ben Matsuya, a three-issue "cosplay slasher" comic book series set at the Colorado Festival of Horror and a Kickstarter campaign kicking off for the second issue.

True Believers

And because of the nature comic, it will have a cameo appearance, and a cover appearance of the heavy metal band GWAR, no stranger to comic books. Joining  Matt Kiichi Heafy, Devon Sawa, and the cast of Deathgasm.

True Believers

In TRUE BELIEVERS #2, a year has passed since the harrowing events of issue 1, which introduced readers to the bone-chilling slasher character, Killr™. Now a mysterious new figure emerges, adopting the enigmatic Killr™ persona—but is it just another obsessive fan or a new threat on the horizon? Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of suspense and humor with a fresh ensemble of characters. With new mysteries, hilarious gags, and an extra dose of blood, issue 2 promises a thrilling ride for both seasoned fans and newcomers alike. "Nothing better than being at a horror convention, and the Colorado Festival of Horror does it right," said Stephen Graham Jones. "Only thing better might be . . . I don't know. Maybe being there and feeling like you're walking through the panels of a slasher comic book?"


The Kickstarter to True Believers #2 can be found right here.

GWAR To Appear In True Believers ComicGWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic

The Kickstarter for the first issue is still accepting late pledges here. Here a synopsis and preview of that first issue for flavour…

The first issue of TRUE BELIEVERS introduces a new bone-chilling slasher character, Killr™, who offers a sinister and unforgettable take on fandom. In the world of meta horror, Killr™ emerges as the embodiment of evil within the slasher genre, born from a cult-favorite short film that inspires a trilogy. Amid the franchise's rising popularity, devoted fans fervently embrace Killr™, celebrating the character with enthusiastic cosplay. At the Colorado Festival of Horror, fanatics Rip and Kit—proudly labeling themselves as "true believers"—embark on a profound journey of self-discovery under Kit's guidance. However, the boundaries between reality and fiction blur, prompting them to question the ramifications of idolizing such malevolence. This gripping meta horror tale delves into the intricate interplay of identity, horror, and obsession, challenging the very essence of their connection with the enigmatic entity they revere. The Kickstarter edition of TRUE BELIEVERS issue 1 features the first 24-page story in the three-issue series.

KIT is an ardent devotee of Killr™, the renowned figure from her favorite slasher franchise. Her enthusiasm goes beyond being a mere fan; she immerses herself in the enigmatic slasher persona through cosplaying and crafting high-end costumes for fellow Killr™ enthusiasts at conventions. Proud of her meticulous work, Kit reserves her creations for the "true believers" who can really appreciate the intricacies she puts into her art. She dismisses most other cosplayers who don their own Killr™ outfits as subpar.

At the Colorado Festival of Horror, Kit crosses paths with RIP, a newcomer to the convention scene but no less passionate about horror and Killr™. Recognizing Rip as a "true believer," Kit takes him under her wing and guides him through the unfamiliar convention world. However, amidst the excitement, unsettling events begin to unfold, suggesting that those dressed as Killr™ might be in danger. Rip becomes increasingly convinced that attendees in Killr™ cosplay are being targeted and killed. Kit, on the other hand, tries to downplay the situation, believing it to be a mere prank. The two new friends find themselves grappling with the uncertainty of whom to trust as the incidents continue to escalate.

KILLR™, the infamous slasher character, emerged from a short film that quickly gathered a devoted following, paving the way for a feature-length trilogy. In the series, Killr™ haunts an abandoned warehouse previously occupied by an art collective, wielding terrifying fashion shears to pursue their victims. The trilogy's success gave rise to a passionate community of fans who wholeheartedly embrace the character, engaging in Killr™ cosplay and elevating the entity as the epitome of slasher horror—a symbol of ambiguity and open to diverse interpretations, making Killr™ the ultimate dream for cosplayers.

GWAR To Appear In True Believers ComicGWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic GWAR To Appear In True Believers Comic

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