Here's A Preview Of The New Gumby Comic, That's Right, We Said The New Gumby Comic

Don't panic! We assure you, there's nothing wrong with your calendar. It is indeed the year 2017, and you are about to view a preview of the Gumby comic that will be released on July 5 (and collected as a TPB in November). Papercutz is behind this grim and gritty reboot of the 1950s claymation kids franchise, and they're just in time too, as some of Gumby's original fans are likely still alive to enjoy it!

Of course, Papercutz is hoping to attract new fans of the little green… whatever the hell Gumby is. Bumby #1 features a story by award winning cartoonist Kyle Baker, plus one by Ray Fawkes and Jolyon Yates, and another one by Jeff Whitman and Yates. Future contributors are planned to include all but one of Art Baltazar, Gregory Benton, Eric Esquivel, Veronica and Andy Fish, Sholly Fisch, Chuck Austen, and Ryan Jampole. Has anyone told Alex Ross about this? Alex Ross would probably snap the neck of several cute puppies just for the chance to get in on some Gumby action. Each issue, featuring at least a 10 page main story and a 5 page backup, will weigh in at 32 pages for $3.99.

And as if all of this weren't enough, the Gumby comic coincides with the development of a new Gumby TV series as well, according to the press release. Not announced, but probably reasonable to expect to be coming soon, is the blockbuster Gumby movie directed by Michael Bay. That's pure speculation, but if it happens, you heard it here first. Pip pip.

Check out the preview of Baker's story below:

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