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Mad Cave Studios
There's a preview below and a look at the other Mad Cave/Papercutz comic being lined up for November. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Tishler & Frenda's Edenfrost #1 in Mad Cave November 2023 Solicits Tishler & Frenda's Edenfrost #1 in Mad[...]
Mad Cave Studios Gets Flash Gordon Comic Book Licence
Mad Cave Studios, who recently bought Papercutz, has done a deal with King Features Syndicate to be the master publisher of a new Flash Gordon line That means developing a full line of new narratives, comics reprints and graphic novels based on the comic strip created by Alex Raymond. New Flash Gordon graphic novels are planned[...]
Mad Cave Studios Buys OGN Publisher Papercutz, Rex Ogle In Charge
A relatively small comic book publisher, Florida-based Mad Cave Studios, known for books like Nottingham, Battle Cats, Potions Inc, The Last Session, Wolvenheart and the upcoming A Legacy Of Violence, has acquiredthe relatively sizeable New York graphic novel publisher Papercutz, who publish kids comic books with plenty of licenses and public spotlight, such as Asterix,[...]
Asterix to be Retranslated Into American English by Papercutz for 2020
US publisher Papercutz has announced that they will be the new US publishing of the world's bestselling comic Asterix on the occasion of the character's 60th anniversary All the thirty-odd comic albums will be reissued… though what will worry the English language purists is that they will include all-new translations into English. This is because the English[...]
high moon review
Today we're talking High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks — and beware of some spoilers. The first volume in the three-volume series currently being published by Papercutz's Super Genius imprint collects the first three issues of the original High Moon At first a webcomic created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the series is based on[...]
high moon
Super Genius, a somewhat arrogantly named imprint of Papercutz, is collecting the first three volumes of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis's Harvey Award winning comic High Moon as a Definitive Edition, just, as a press release explains, in time for Halloween Originally published by DC's short-lived Zuda imprint, the interior pages will be remastered and[...]
Popular Childrens' Character Gumby Gets A Comic Book Reboot
In an attempt to grab a share of the lucrative market of childrens' properties that fell out of fashion fifty years ago, Papercutz will publish a brand new Gumby comic book in July. Though there aren't many details on the actual content of the comic, which was discovered in a solicit on comiXology, but it's possible that the[...]
Papercutz' Nickelodeon Magazine Has Arrived
Papercutz, the industry leader in children's graphic novel publishing is proud to announce the debut of the first publication to emerge from their "First Look" deal with kids' media powerhouse Nickelodeon The new magazine provides a mix of content but the focus is definitely on comics, with over two-thirds of each issue devoted to comic[...]
Papercutz Picks Up David Gallaher And Steve Ellis' The Only Living Boy
The PR announcement has been given by Papercutz to CBR. That Convergence: Green Lantern Corps creators David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis are bringing their own comic The Only Living Boy back into print with Papercutz as a series of six volumes in hardcover and paperback, beginning in ten month time, March 2016, with the first volume Prisoners Of The[...]
Papercutz To Announce Breadwinners, Sanjay And Craig Comics At ComicsPRO Today
Papercutz tweeted them out, teasers for today's ComicsPRO announcements I think it's fairly clear, don't you?  Breadwinners... …and Sanjay And Craig… Papercutz has previously published Rabbids, Garfield, Smurfs and much more… this should be right up their alley. Follow more of our ComicsPRO Portland 2015 coverage here.   Papercutz tweeted them out, teasers for today's ComicsPRO announcements[...]
Super Genius Line From Papercutz Hints At A Major SDCC Announcement – Third Teaser
The last teaser before Papercutz' big, and we mean BIG announcement regarding an addition to their Super Genius line of adult-geared comics Stay tuned this afternoon for a quite simply massive reveal. For now, you have one more hint to chew over 20 years later Acclaimed Storyteller Justice Come on–you must be getting close to the[...]
Super Genius Line From Papercutz Hints At A Major SDCC Announcement – First Teaser
There's been an unprecedented degree of buzz coming our way from Papercutz regarding the announcement of a major addition to their Super Genius line, to be revealed on Wednesday, July 23rd right here on Bleeding Cool. While Papercutz is known as an all-ages publisher of graphic novels, many brought to US readership in English for the[...]
Time Traveling Mice Sell A Million For Papercutz
All-ages publisher Papercutz have produced a series of graphic novels based on Geronimo Stilton, a time travelling mouse and his sister Thea Stilton The characters have already sold over 88 million chapter books world wide, so seeing them do well in the comic book/graphic novel field isn't too surprising. With the latest Thea Stilton release, The[...]
Legos Taking Over The World… Or At Least The Best Seller List
But now we get word that the graphic novels published by Papercutz are doing very well too The lastest volume of Lego Ninjago series Night Of The Nindroids entered the New York Times Book Review Graphic Book Best Seller list at #1 And it's the 8th volume in the series to do so. With the sales[...]
Christmas Already? It's Only Smurfing October!
Seems Papercutz is going to get a jump on the holiday season as they continue their celebration of master cartoonist Peyo's work This stand alone Christmas Special come from the Smurf Archives and includes stories of the Smurfs helping Santa reward a deserving child, learning about how animals experience winter, or discovering that even Gargamel can be overcome by[...]
When Jim Salicrup Met Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man Wrapped Around An iPad
Who took it with her to Papercutz, publisher of children's graphic novels in the European style Where Jim Salicrup, the man who edited that run on Spider-Man is now working as Editor-In-Chief. We were happy to reunite the cover with the man… albeit briefly, before Hannah took it back. At San Diego Comic Con, Bleeding Cool[...]
Can't Wait for Rio 2? Papercutz Has A Graphic Novel For You!
Fans of the animated film Rio will be getting a double douse of their favorite characters starting in March as Papercutz introduces a new line of graphic novels that will be followed a month later by the theatrical release of Rio 2. Papercutz, the industry's leading children's graphic novel publisher, will introduce fans to the box[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return In Graphic Novel Series
Papercutz has been dropping hints for the last week, but now an official announcement has been made about a new series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers graphic novels starring the original team The series will run along side the current Power Rangers graphic novel series Papercutz is producing and will act as missing episodes from the 1995[...]
Power Rangers Returning to Comics Through Papercutz
Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool about a show he's writing a book on. Papercutz is the young readers imprint of NBM responsible for releasing the Smurfs comics in English, and creating original Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comics They have just gotten the rights to release comics of the long-running Power Rangers franchise Specifically, they will[...]