kyle baker

kyle baker

Kyle Baker Teases a New Comic For May 1st With Trump and Fauci

Kyle Baker is one of the greatest cartoonists and comic book creators on the planet An early graphic novelist and Marvel intern, The Cowboy Wally Show from Doubleday was a tour de force even if very few read it at the time It led to work on The Shadow and Justice Inc for DC, before[...]

The Kyle Baker Joker Christmas Sweater That Kyle Baker Wouldn't Wear

Legendary comic book creator and animator Kyle Baker has found a familiar-looking Christmas sweater on ale...not that he is pleased by the familiarity He wrote on LinkedIn, Hah! DC turned my art into an ugly sweater! I did a styleguide for the Joker back when Nicholson did the movie, and WB correctly anticipated an increased demand[...]

The Daily LITG, 13th December 2019 – Happy Birthday Kyle Baker

The Daily LITG, 13th December 2019 – Happy Birthday Kyle Baker

(Superman #6 Final Page Spoilers) Is Tom Taylor Planning to Kill the DC Universe? So, It’s Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroying Marvel History from Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti and Gerardo SandovalHappening today:The Willows release party with Nathan Carson and Sam Ford, Floating World Comics, Portland, Oregon 6-8pm. Amy Chu signs at Barnes & Noble, Princeton,[...]

The Jim Shooter Files - When Stan Lee Chose John Romita Over Kyle Baker

The Jim Shooter Files – When Stan Lee Chose John Romita Over Kyle Baker

That concerns a new talent - to Stan Lee at least - Kyle Baker.Dear Jim,Thanks for having Sue send me the samples of Kyle Baker's artwork.I agree with you He is talented as hell The animals he draws are reminiscent of Walt Kelly, and his humans seem to encompass a number of different styles, all[...]

IDW Expands Marvel Action Line With Black Panther by Kyle Baker, Vita Ayala

Bleeding Cool Ace Reporter Octavio Karbank was on hand at the panel to capture shots of the screen, which show a Marvel Action Black Panther story by Kyle Baker coming in January, followed by one by Vita Ayala in April.The Marvel Action Line, given that name just this week, already includes a Spider-Man and Avengers[...]

Now Kyle Baker Draws ComicsGate…

Yesterday we heard from Dave Sim, and today legendary comic book creator Kyle Baker of Damage Control, The Cowboy Wally Show, and Why I Hate Saturn lends his artistic abilities to the ongoing Comicsgate debate.So excited to be part of the new #comicsgate line of books — Quality Jollity (@KyleJBaker) September 4, 2018Although if anyone[...]

Here's A Preview Of The New Gumby Comic, That's Right, We Said The New Gumby Comic

Bumby #1 features a story by award winning cartoonist Kyle Baker, plus one by Ray Fawkes and Jolyon Yates, and another one by Jeff Whitman and Yates Future contributors are planned to include all but one of Art Baltazar, Gregory Benton, Eric Esquivel, Veronica and Andy Fish, Sholly Fisch, Chuck Austen, and Ryan Jampole Has anyone told Alex Ross[...]

The Rocketeer: High Flying Adventures Review: Charmingly Classic Stories Of Heroic Antics

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Rocketeer: High Flying Adventures doesn't waste any time in dropping the reader right into the action. We open with Betty rightfully scolding Cliff for being late to rescue her, and Cliff doing what he does best: winging it. The Rocketeer is one of my personal favorite comic book characters. The old-school, beat-'em-up […]

From Strip To Script – Why I Hate Saturn

What can you say about ‘90s B/W independent comics, or Kyle Baker, or New York City? Probably nothing, those are all pretty boring…(don’t add ‘not!’ don’t add ‘not!’ don’t add ‘not!’)But seriously, I don’t know…Kyle Baker’s just one of the funniest writers and talented cartoonists in the game, and when I saw that Why I[...]

Kyle Baker To Launch Ongoing Sequel To 'Why I Hate Saturn'

I read Kyle Baker's graphic novel Why I Hate Saturn when I was seventeen and it pretty much changed the way I thought comics could be And I wanted to read more of them And there wasn't any Love And Rockets felt too serious, Cerebus was too politically driven, David Chelsea In Love was just too pathetic.In fact,[...]

The Shadow Masters Series – Dynamite Expands Shadow Publishing Program

So Dynamite Entertainment has not only taken the book back to press for a second printing, but they're going to see if lightning will strike twice.A second volume has been announced focusing on the work of Andy Helfer, Kyle Baker and the late Marshall Rogers. The Shadow Masters Series Vol 2 collects the critically acclaimed "Seven[...]

Peyton Reed Signed On To Direct The Fifth Beatle, From The Brian Epstein Graphic Novel

Vivek Tiwary has done exactly the right thing and signed the massively underemployed Peyton Reed to direct an adaptation of The Fifth Beatle, his graphic novel about Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager.If you've read the comic, written by Tiwary and illustrated Andrew Robinson, with an interlude illustrated by Kyle Baker, you'll know that Reed is a[...]

The Fifth Beatle Made The NY Times Best Seller List – And It's Easy To See Why

Robinson and Kyle Baker, with Steve Dutro lettering.  The interest generated by the book so far justifies Tiwary’s early fixation and also the choice of the comics medium to tell a story that’s equally biographical, mythological in undertones, and very much about the visual nature of pop culture.The book is divided into three significant chapters[...]

The Fifth Beatle Comes To New York And Miami

The graphic novel by VivekTiwary, Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker and similarly titled feature film tells the story of the man who discovered the Beatles in a basement in Liverpool, guided them to fame and fortune and then died lonely at the age of 32.You can see an eight-page preview of the new Dark Horse graphic novel.Writer,[...]

Kyle Baker Returns To Comics With "Meh"

Some thought he'd given up on comics. He gave all his owned comics work away for free, digitally. But now he's back with a new strip. "Meh". Man, that took me right back to Why I Hate Saturn. Don't anyone tell him that, he probably won't take it as the compliment it is. But it […]

Andrew Robinson on The Fifth Beatle

I really tried to bring the art to the next level.BC: I understand Kyle Baker is also an artist on the project.AR: Kyle did a comic intermission – an homage to the early 1960’s cartoons The Beatles go to the Philippines, and all hell breaks loose It’s sounds so crazy, as if it was made up,[...]