Heroes Wear Face Masks, Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 14th June 2020

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait till the weekend to get this week's comics. Though thanks to DC, Tuesday Titans too. As DC leave Diamond, this looks like it will be the only cross-direct market chart going. If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact richjohnston@bleedingcool.com.

Heroes Wear Face Masks, Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 14th June 2020.
Heroes Wear Face Masks, Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 14th June 2020.

Top ten bestselling comics of the week

With so few Marvel titles and a lot of Batman titles, DC Comics rules the roost this week with only a couple of mutant titles breaking a full house.

  1. Batman #92
  2. Joker 80th Anniversary Special #1
  3. Justice League #46
  4. New Mutants #10
  5. Batman The Adventures Continue #1
  6. Excalibur #10
  7. Nightwing #71
  8. Legion of Super-Heroes #6
  9. Batman Secret Files #3
  10. Harley Quinn #73

Thanks to the following retailers…

Who had this to say…

Dr. No's Comics & Games SuperStore, Georgia: DC placed five Batman family books in our store's top ten this week, with Batman #92 taking the number one slot by a wide margin; Legion of Super-Heroes, with the first appearance of Gold Lantern, was the sixth DC to chart for us this week. Marvel had two solid top-ten sellers (New Mutants and Daredevil) with Excalibur just missing out in eleventh place. Image's Adventureman #1 was the big surprise, taking a well-deserved third-place position this week (and what a phenomenal book it was!), while the ever-popular Something Is Killing the Children give Boom a ninth-place win. To show how big the copies-sold spread was, though, the number one book sold ten times the copies of the number ten book!


Famous Faces & Funnies, West Melbourne, Florida: Nature is beginning to heal as Batman is back on top of the FFF Weekly Top Ten list. Punchline's debut issue managed to hit some serious numbers despite us being closed to the public. We sold out of all of our copies of the 1:25 cover. Joker's 80th special we actually sold out our initial orders of and had to reorder, only to almost sell out again. Batman's Adventures Continues, Grave and Secret Files all took the next four spots. DC is polarizing at the moment, but they've got one of the most popular characters of all time, so I don't think they'll miss much with their move to another distributor. Faithless II and Ice Cream Man are store favorite indie titles, so it wasn't a surprise to see coming out to get their copies. Amazing Spider-Man was the only Marvel book that broke into the Top Ten, which isn't great as it came out two weeks ago. Marvel only putting out less than a handful of titles a week, most of which aren't big crowd catchers isn't a great move. They need to be putting their Bat-Tier books, not their Mxyzptlk-Tier titles. Hopefully as more books come out, their crowds will follow suit.


Brandon's Comics, Tempe, Arizona: With the preview of the new Miles Morales video game people are going bananas over trying to get first appearances. Do yourself a favor and go after the second prints now!


Rodman Comics, Ankeny, Iowa: DC took all 10 of the top spots. Marvel went from flooding the market every week to barely putting out anything and skipping weeks for new comics. It is a tough time to be a Marvel fan. Legion of Superheroes went like gangbusters this week. Our smaller shipments from Diamond are still missing comics. Diamond is not stepping up.


Graham Crackers Comics – a DOZEN shops Illinois/Wisconsin/California: Best NEW COMIC DAY since re-opening the shops! DC pulled the customers in taking 7 out of 10 of the best selling spots, with a $10 comic grabbing the #2 spot for best selling!

This was a much needed NEW COMIC DAY to help everyone feel like things can start to return to normal. The odd MARVEL policy of FEAST & FAMINE is not helping things. Having NEW MARVEL COMICS one week and then NONE the next week is confusing and detrimental to people on budgets. Spread the stuff out!

While it was interesting to see LOSH hit the TOP 10 list, it was, sadly for all the wrong reasons. Speculators were out in droves, snatching whatever they could for a quick flip on eBay. Constant phone calls for it as well. I get that a sale is a sale, but this only hurts REGULAR READERS of the book that I buy rack copies for, and if I was ONLY interested in $$ MAKING MONEY $$ as Speculators are quick to point out when we deny them buying multiple copies – I could just flip the stupid things myself and completely cut the speculators out of the equation. They argue against themselves – it's maddening. I love when they try the, oh can I get a 2nd copy for my cousin? He's really into it. Uh-Huh, sure he is. Let's check our Point of Sale system, how about that? You nor he have ever bought issues #1-5. Crazy how he just got into it with #6… I digress.

Customers have adapted to wearing face masks while in the shops. If this helps stop a 2nd spike for COVID-19 then I'm all for it and am amazed by anyone that's against it. It's not for your benefit – it's for everyone else's benefit. I'm sure you might be more comfortable without it, but you don't complain about having to wear pants in the store do you?

Either way, a nice Wednesday all around!

Notable sales:

  • Batman #251 CGC 9.0 $1,200 O'Neil/Adams classic cover JOKER new direction starts

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