How Can We Persuade Aaron Sorkin To Write Superheroes?

Aaron Sorkin has always written superheroes. He may just not have realised it.

Specifically in the West Wing and Newsroom, he has written bold characters, good of heart, wanting to do the right thing, though their intentions are often complicated by their all-too-human flaws. But they believe in duty, in fixing mistakes and taking responsibility. They have principles, even if those principles cost them dear. They are extraordinary talented at what they do, despite their flaws. And they love.

They are also remarkably unrealistic of course. They talk too fast, they are full of grand speeches and stories and anecdotes. Well, have you read a Brian Bendis Avengers? Hell, seen a Joss Whedon Avengers?

Someone, somewhere, find a way to suggest to Aaron Sorkin that next time he gives the characters some spandex, some superpowers and something to fight. And then let him do exactly what he does with his TV shows.

And, yes, some wise-ass may add "What, reduce the female characters to simpering idiots? You're right, he'd perfect for writing superheroes." But enough of that, despite its flaws I've ended up loving Newsroom as much, if not more, than West Wing.

It's strange, superheroes are usually used as analogues to other things – the lack of power of an adolescent searching for fantasy, the underclass given a way to transform their situation if they will just take it, the belief that there are higher powers, whether government or deity, who will protect us… but rewatching West Wing and Newsroom, it really feels as if he is writing them as analogues to… superheroes.

Cut out the middle man. It doesn't have to be Justice League or Avengers 3. They can be his very own creations. Just with a secret base, secret identities (maybe they work in the White House or in a newsroom…) and laser mounted dolphins.

Also, Olivia Munn looking like this.

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