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Studio 60 offered a fresh perspective on what goes into a live TV broadcast (Image: NBCU)
Yeah, The Newsroom and West Wing and even Sports Night had elements of his truth in them – they wouldn't have been funny if they didn't – but where Studio 60 takes that and runs with it is its unique ability to take jabs at itself, and not in the annoying meta "oh look at[...]
Trailer For Final Season Of Newsroom Just Released
The final season of Newsroom is a little over a month away and HBO has just released a trailer The Aaron Sorkin series will be back for six-episodes to wrap it up and will include the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Wiki-leaks story Newsroom stars Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Allison Pill, Sam Waterston, Olivia Munn,[...]
How Can We Persuade Aaron Sorkin To Write Superheroes?
He may just not have realised it. Specifically in the West Wing and Newsroom, he has written bold characters, good of heart, wanting to do the right thing, though their intentions are often complicated by their all-too-human flaws But they believe in duty, in fixing mistakes and taking responsibility They have principles, even if those principles[...]