How Do You Kill An Idea? Through Indoctrination…

Indoctrination is a new apocalyptic political thriller comic book series from comic writer and novelist Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Burning Fields) and SuperPAC operator-turned-comics artist Matt Battaglia, published by Z2, delves into the powerful ideology that drives the terrifying underbelly of America.

Mixing elements of True Detective with Se7en, Indoctrination confronts the very real horror of death cults and sleeper cells, serial killers and apocalyptic nightmares, in the 21st century.

Indoctrination begins in the dusty southwest with a string of murders that portend the sinister designs of an infamous terrorist to bring about the end times. Only the rogue actions of two FBI agents, who must rely on a potentially untrustworthy expatriate with deep ties to the terrorist, can stop the darkness. Indoctrination follows these two FBI agents as they develop a complicated relationship with an infamous terrorist, in an attempt to solve a string of grizzly, seemingly related murders.

Here's the making of the third issue cover…

indoc_03_cover_layout indoc_03_cover_inks_roughcolor

indoc_03_cover_web indoc_03_cover_type_webAnd while we're at it, the retailer incentive covers to issue 1 and 2… with a little indoctrination of Michael Moreci's own to comic book retailers…

indoc_02_cover indoc_01_cover_final-01

Moreci writes,

Selling comics isn't easy.

That's the no-brainer statement of the year, right? We know that all too well. When it comes to comics, we're looking at a comparatively small group of readers that tend to have very particular, and habitual, tastes. That's why selling new comics is especially difficult, like squeezing-a-watermelon-through-a-chain-link-fence difficult. You gotta push really hard.

But, new comics are essential to the business of comics. They're the most effective way to expand sales, whether through getting current readers to adopt a more robust reading list or bringing in new readers altogether with a different genre or offering. But, again, they're difficult because they involve risk. Risk for the creators to make, retailers to order, and readers to buy.

In my opinion, retailers are risking the most in this equation. You are, and I mean this without an ounce of hyperbole, the lifeblood of this industry. Retailers are on the front line of comics, taking financial risks every single week in order to literally keep the medium alive. Your job isn't easy but, like creators, you are driven by your passion for comics and your insistence, beyond all reason (also like creators), to stay committed to this amazing medium. For that—for keeping comics alive through your love and dedication—I thank you.

Because I know your job isn't easy, I'm here to tell you that, for my upcoming series, INDOCTRINATION, I'm doing every single thing I can to make it easier. The entire team behind this book—Z2, Superfan Promotions, and co-creator Matt Battaglia—have been working tirelessly to make Indoctrination the book that you, retailers, want. Let me tell you how:

Let's start with the basics—first, we've been promoting the shit out of this book. Here's a rundown of press outlets that have already covered Indoctrination in one form or other:

The Hollywood Reporter
Bleeding Cool (twice)
Comics Alliance (twice)
Den of Geek
Forces of Geek

There's more I'm sure I'm forgetting. And, believe me, we're just getting started. Also, because the book is political in nature, Matt and I have cross-promoted with websites like Free the People and Waging Nonviolence, who combined have a social media presence of nearly one million people.

One of the greatest tools we have for promotion is a trailer—an amazingly eerie trailer—that the folks at Z2 cut together. Give it a spin and feel free to embed into your own newsletters and websites:

So, what else are we up to? Well, quite a bit. There's advertising. Matt and I have taken ads on comics websites as well as on Twitter and Facebook. We've made a FCBD story, brand new content not in the any issue, that will be seen far and wide come May 7 (a day after orders for issue #1 are due, as luck would have it).

And, as an added bonus, we're told the book is actually pretty good. Here's a taste of what's been said about it so far:

"Intense and atmospheric…INDOCTRINATION is True Detective meets The Master — where the most powerful force in the world is belief, and that power gleefully corrupts." –Stephen Orlando, Writer, Midnighter, Virgil

"INDOCTRINATION hits that sweet spot where surreal creepiness and very real world horror dance around one another in way that convinces you that something ghastly is unfolding just underneath the skin of the comfortable world you know and love." –Cullen Bunn, Writer, Harrow County, The Sixth Gun

"Brilliant, cerebral, and deeply philosophical…one of the best first issues I've read in a long while. I can't wait to read more." –Curt Pires, Writer, The Tomorrows, Pop

"Welcome to your new addiction…It's a page-turner that will suck you in completely. " –Spartantown

"Indoctrination is a living, breathing testament to the depth and intelligence of Moreci as a writer…it's a fascinating, gripping series which comes highly, highly recommended." –Big Comic Page

Not too bad, right?

One other thing—for all our piece of mind, this book is perfectly on schedule. By the time we send issue #1 to the printers, we'll be wrapping up issue #3. We're not disappearing, we're not delivering late. This book will be on the shelves exactly when we say it will. And speaking of, have you seen the cover to that issue? If you haven't, well:

BTW, some of you have already gotten our PDF combining issue #1 and the first half of #2; if you didn't get it but want to, just drop us a line, and we'll get it right to you.

Here's what we're asking of you—meets us halfway. Hell, meet us a quarter of the way. We're making it so people will know about this book when they walk into your shop. They'll know what it's about, they'll know it's quality. We're asking you to stock it, share our confidence, and give it the nudge it needs to put our work over the top. And not only are we diminishing your risk as much as we possibly can, we're going to reward you for partnering with us. Check this out:

For every 10 copies you order, get a limited edition poster

For every 25 copies you order, we'll send you two limited edition prints

For 50 copies, you get a t-shirt and five prints

For 100 copies, you get 10 prints and five t-shirts

For 500 copies, we'll hook you up with 25 prints, 15 t-shirts, and your own variant cover that's part of a series of covers inspired by serial killer movies

So, you sold yet? Are you Indoctrinated?

Good. Now let's work together to sell some comics and reap the mutual rewards.

If you want to know more about Indoctrination, contact me via social media or my email (which most of you have), or visit

That you, again, for all your terrific work. I wouldn't be making comics or even writing this letter without you.



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