How Doc Ock Survived The Brain Wipe – Or Did He? (Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers)

Since the last relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man, with an eight month gap that saw Peter Parker re-establish Parker Industries, move into the Baxter Building, develop new Spider-tech and find someone else to dress up as Spider-Man as his bodyguard when the need arises, we've been aware of the presence of Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus, inside the mind of Parker's clumsy personal assistant, The Living Brain.

Previously believed to have wiped his brain to bring back Peter Parker's mind, in order to defeat the Green Goblin who had kidnapped his girlfriend Anna, there was no sign as to how, or why Octavius had survived.

Today it all becomes clear. How Octavius saw his failed future in Spider-Verse and created a back-up plan – a back-up for his mind, to be triggered at some point in that future.

Image (8)

I've just got a 128 GB mini-USB drive as big as my thumbnail. I can see that holding a mind by 2099.

So not only do we have Doc Ock back – but it's one from before the time he admitted defeat. He's still the Superior… well… Superior Living Brain.

And well timed for Dead No More. The only question is… does this Doc Ock like jazz?

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