Industry Changed So Much It's Pretty Much Back To Normal In Eighth Set Of Marvel Legacy Title And Homage Cover Reveals

In a shocking development that nobody saw coming, the Universe-threatening crisis set off by Marvel's attempts to change the comic book industry over and over again today by releasing homage covers for its upcoming Marvel Legacy titles has been stopped by Marvel itself, as the publisher's eighth set of industry-changing reveals has accidentally changed the industry so that it's almost exactly the same as it was before the whole mess started.

Despite growing panic as the industry changed again and again without having a chance to stabilize, a close look at the titles revealed show that they are, with a few exceptions like a new Moon Knight book, Hulk being relaunched as She-Hulk (and probably legacy-numbered), and a revival of Spirits of Vengeance, almost all of the titles revealed are the same comics Marvel was already publishing, probably with mostly the same creative teams. As it turns out, the world might not end in a conflagration of hyperbole-driven insanity. Instead, it will be business as usual.

For more on this, we spoke to world-renowned expert on the Comicpacalypse and totally real person, Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms.

"Think of the comic book industry as a sphere, consisting mostly of hot air and straight white men, floating in a vacuum of mostly disinterested readers," Professor Puffinbottoms explained. "From within the sphere, when spinning wildly around, shedding space-debris in every direction, it can seem chaotic. But looking from the outside, it's really just the same old ****, except now it's got a different spin."

Puffinbottoms went on to say that if one changes direction enough times, one will eventually find oneself heading back the way one came. "And isn't that the whole point of Marvel Legacy?" Puffinbottoms wondered. Hmm.

Check out the eighth set of title and cover homage reveals below, from a article literally titled "Marvel Legacy Changes The Comic Book Industry." Just in case you weren't paying attention. (Oh, and Marvel didn't name the artists for these covers either.)

Marvel Legacy launches with a 50-page one-shot special in September.

Are they seriously trolling us now?

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