Infamous Iron Man #10 Rewrites The Reality Of The Multiverse (SPOILERS)

In the Avengers crossover event Time Runs Out, we saw the reality if the Marvel multiverse collapse, destroying itself along with trillions of lifeforms in the biggest slaughter Marvel Comics has ever seen. Secret Wars was the result, Planet Of A Thousand Realities if you like. And at its conclusion The Fantastic Four and the Molecule Man were left to start the multiverse all over again, spinning off countless realities, just with the Marvel Earth as the Prime Earth rather than Earth 616. Because, you know, Amerian exceptionalism and all that. And with the Ultimate Reed Richards, The Maker revealed as acting as an agent of the Molecule Man to keep the multiversal plates spinning and to defend this version of reality, 

The Maker also appeared recently in Infamous Iron Man, just messing about basically and reviving the mother of Doctor Doom, the sorceress Cynthia Von Doom, and also persuading the Thing to kill Doom. So clearly his word is not to be taken as gospel – but what about Cynthia? Because she gets to reveal something about the Marvel state of reality too.
Infamous Iron Man #10 Rewrites The Reality Of The Multiverse (SPOILERS)

The Tear? Where the Multiverse used to be? But there still is a Multiverse, a new one, we see it in Gwenpool, Spider-Gwen, America, Ultimates2 and other titles? Is this a lie? A different interpretation? Maybe the new Multiverse has moved next door? Or is it, as some will instantly suspect, Brian Bendis not reading the books he ties into and editorial not wanting to mention it?

As ever, the choice is yours.

Infamous Iron Man #10 by Brian Bendis, Alex Maleev and Matt Hollingsworth is published by Marvel Comics today.

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