Is Sandman Overture A Babylon 5/Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover? (Spoilers)

Okay, so today's Sandman Overture #1 has this mega quadruple page fold-out spread. I'm not going to show it, not all anyway, but I am going to talk about it a little. If you haven't yet read Sandman Overture #1 then put on your spoiler helm…


… yes that one, exactly (don't look in its lenses), and come back later.

Okay, well, in the climactic scene, Dream encounters a variety of versions of him, formed from all sorts of sentient life. You may need to be Jess Nevins to go through it all, but two stuck out for me.

Because Neil Gaiman is currently credited as a Creative Consultant on Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, including today's issue. So when I see;




I'm expecting Groot to say instead;


And what about this one?


Is that… a Vorlon Endless? As in the Vorlons from Babylon 5, a TV series that Gaiman wrote an episode of?


What else can you see?

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that Babylon 5 also has an alien race called the Gaim. Consider this quid pro quo…


Sandman Overture and Guardians Of The Galaxy are published today. Watch TV in the UK is about to start airing Babylon 5 in its entirety, including the feature length specials, every weekday. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, currently running their Mark Buckingham Fables exhibition and next week host a conversation with Blue Is The Warmest Color's Julia Maroh.

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