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Marc Bernardin and Shawn Martinbrough adapt Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys for comics, Cullen Bunn and Andrea Mutti launch Arkham Horror, Matt Kindt and Margie Kindt launch Gilt Frame, Colin Lorimer and Alejandro Aragon bring their Midst, Mark Millar brings back Night Club II with Juanan Ramirez and Prodigy: Slaves Of Mars with Stefano Landini, James[...]
good omens 3
Earlier this week, we reported some good news regarding Prime Video's David Tennant & Michael Sheen-starring adaptation of Neil Gaiman & the late Sir Terry Pratchett's Good Omens – and it came directly from an excellent source In The Hollywood Reporter article "Hollywood Contraction: How Writers Are Reacting To Ongoing Industrywide Cost-Cutting," Gaiman confirmed that he[...]
Dead Boy Detectives
We are only a week away from the series premiere of Steve Yockey's (The Flight Attendant) & Beth Schwartz's ("Arrowverse") live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman & Matt Wagner's Dead Boy Detectives By now, we're assuming that you checked out the first five minutes of S01E01: "The Case of Crystal Palace." But just in case you didn't and[...]
I'm writing 'Good Omens' Season 3, and we start shooting that in January." Images: Netflix; Prime Video The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Teases Season 2 Back in November 2023, Gaiman penned a note to fans around the world to recognize the graphic novel's 35th anniversary & to confirm that production on Season 2 would resume this week "This week,[...]
Compared to how things were during the production of the first season, things have been obscenely quiet when it comes to filming the second season of writer & EP Neil Gaiman, EP, co-writer & showrunner Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), and EP & co-writer David S Goyer's live-action Netflix series adaptation of The Sandman We've not[...]
Tom Brevoort Vs David Bogart On Roy Thomas And Wolverine
This unjust decision is made worse by the fact that Len is no longer here to counter the argument or make a case for himself. And on Blue Sky, with Neil Gaiman linking to our original Roy Thomas article, Neil Gaiman: I picked a civilian name for Poison Ivy and gave her a new origin[...]
But what happens to a henchman when he no longer has anyone left to hench for? Comic book legends Kyle Starks and Ryan Browne present the heartwarming, feel good, coming-of-age story about an insect monster-man searching for his identity amongst the criminal underworld of Twilight City. In Shops: Jul 10, 2024 #gallery-9 { margin: auto; } #gallery-9 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Sandman #19, A Midsummer Night's Dream Remastered Compared To Original
Published in 1990, The Sandman #19 by Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess, Steve Oliff, and Todd Klein was the first comic book to win the World Fantasy Award, and its success ended up changing the rules And ahead of Season Two of Sandman on Netflix, it is getting remastered by original colourist Steve Oliff, using digital[...]
Cover image for WRITER #1
We also see Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse return to Resident Alien  with Resident Alien: The Book Of Life as Harry goes back to his home planet, as well as Neil Gaiman, Marc Bernardin and Shawn Martinbrough beginning the comic book adaptation of Anansi Boys As Canto begins the final part of its Shrouded Man[...]
american gods
This March 21st will mark three years since "Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree" aired, originally the third season finale of STARZ's live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods But eight days after it aired, we learned that it would also be its series finale – the cable network canceled the series after a three-season run[...]
Rhapsody of Blood: Roz Kaveney on Her Epic, Subversive Fantasy Saga
Roz Kaveney has not only been at the flashpoint of LGBTQ politics and activism since Stonewall and is a respected literary critic in the UK who has written for The Times Literary Supplement but her friendship with many of the key Science Fiction and Fantasy writers of the last forty years, including with Neil Gaiman[...]
Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess' Sandman: A Midsummer Nights Dream Remastered
I think from this, that we can guess that the next season of Sandman on Netflix will include an adaptation of the Sandman story, A Midsummer Night's Dream by Neil Gaiman, Charles Vess and… William Shakespeare, published in Sandman #19 by DC Comics in 1990 The comic won a World Fantasy Award for short fiction[...]
Will Young Miracleman Take The Red Or Blue Pill? (Spoilers)
I mean, that tracks, right? MIRACLEMAN SILVER AGE #7 MARVEL COMICS MAR230625 (W) Neil Gaiman (A/CA) Mark Buckingham MIRACLEMAN VS YOUNG MIRACLEMAN! The cataclysmic showdown is finally here! Mature In Shops: Jan 17, 2024 SRP: $4.99 Those of you who were expecting a physically cataclysmic confrontation between Miracleman and Young Miracleman in the Miracleman: The Silver Age #7 finale may be[...]
Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham WIll Being Us Miracleman: The Dark Age
There is plenty to talk about in the final issue of Miracleman: The Silver Age by Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, Jodie Bellaire and Todd Klein published today And we will But one aspect to underline will have to be just how beautiful this comic book is, depicting a utopia that isn't I was most blown away[...]
It is meant to include the artists whose work was used to develop Midjourney's AI art offering. They include comic book creators such as Tim Bradstreet, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Art Spiegelman, Brian Bolland, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bill Watterson, Bill Willingham, Ben Templesmith, Adi Granov, Al Davidson, Alex Toth, Arthur Rackham, Arthur Suydam, Scott McCloud, Ryan North, Mort Drucker,[...]
What If...?
Along with previewing today's new episode of Marvel Studios & Disney+'s What If…?, we've also been taking a look at how S02E08: "What If… the Avenger Assembled in 1602?" would credit the comics creators that the episode is inspired from. Written by Neil Gaiman and penciled by Andy Kubert, with digital painting from Richard Isanove, the eight-issue[...]
IPI Comics March 2024 Solicits
IPI Comics joins Lunar Distribution for their March 2024 solicits and kick things off with Caped Fear: Superhuman Horror stories, collecting work by George RR Martin, Jim Starlin, Mark Waid, Neil Gaiman, Roz Kaveney, Colleen Doran, Jim Krueger and more As well as launching Bristleworth: A Cove Horror from Hayden Fryer, and a collection of[...]
neil gaiman
As far as updates go, Neil Gaiman has had a lot of cheer to share over the past few weeks We were offered a heads-up that filming on the second season of Gaiman, EP, co-writer & showrunner Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), and EP & co-writer David S Goyer's live-action Netflix series adaptation of The Sandman was[...]
the sandman
The last time we checked in with how things were going with the second season of EP & co-writer Neil Gaiman (Good Omens); EP, co-writer & showrunner Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman); and EP & co-writer David S Goyer's live-action Netflix series adaptation of The Sandman, it was the 35th anniversary of the release of the first issue[...]
good omens
While it was assumed by many to be happening, in this day & age of streaming uncertainty? Nothing's official until it's official (and even then…) – but for the David Tennant & Michael Sheen-starring adaptation of Neil Gaiman & the late Sir Terry Pratchett's "Good Omens," it's official Earlier today, Amazon confirmed that the series[...]
What better day than the day marking the 35th anniversary of the release of the first issue of The Sandman comic book series for some good news about the second season of EP & co-writer Neil Gaiman (Good Omens); EP, co-writer & showrunner Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman); and EP & co-writer David S[...]
good omens
That means we're back to have a mountain of shows to cover – with Prime Video's David Tennant & Michael Sheen-starring adaptation of Neil Gaiman & the late Sir Terry Pratchett's work being near the top of that mountain The last time we checked in on how things were going, Gaiman had already long-given the heads-up[...]
dead boy detectives
Based on Neil Gaiman & Matt Wagner's Dead Boy Detectives, Steve Yockey's (The Flight Attendant) & Beth Schwartz's ("Arrowverse") live-action adaptation got a huge rollout over the weekend as part of Netflix's Geeked Week 2023 For those new to the scene, the eight-episode "Sandman Universe" series introduces viewers to two teenagers (George Rexstrew & Jayden Revri)[...]
dead boy detectives
What a long, strange trip it's been for Steve Yockey's (The Flight Attendant) & Beth Schwartz's ("Arrowverse") adaptation of Neil Gaiman & Matt Wagner's Dead Boy Detectives But now that it's found a home as part of Netflix's "The Sandman Universe" (we like the sound of that), we're getting our first serious look as part of[...]
Neil Gaiman to Play Charles Dickens on the New York Stage
Well, we never thought this would happen – beloved fantasy comics writer, fantasy novelist & showrunner of Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, has turned into England's most cherished classic author Charles Dickens, arguably the most influential popular British author of all time In real life, Dickens sold out theatres and town halls reading from A Christmas[...]
good omens 2
Between a season finale that left more than a few fans already counting down the days until what comes next, Neil Gaiman offering fans a heads-up that he's returning to writing full-time after the third & final chapter, and director, co-showrunner & executive producer Douglas Mackinnon confirming he won't be returning, it's been an "interesting" off-season[...]
good omens 2
While reports are circulating that a green light on a third season could be happening soon (though nothing on the record at the time of this writing), there's clearly going to be at least one major change to Prime Video's David Tennant & Michael Sheen-starring Prime Video series Good Omens 3 (based on Neil Gaiman[...]
Third Eye: Felicia Day’s Magic Sauce in Audio Comedy is Snarky Comedy
That personality here is Neil Gaiman His persona as a beloved British fantasy writer is used to the hilt here, including the snarky irreverence that comes with being British. Director Jonah Ray Rodrigues, who has directed live-action comedy, also talked about encouraging the cast to improvise and bring their own attitude to Third Eye to make[...]
While promoting his feature film debut in Jackdaw for Fantastic Fest, which reunites him with his The Sandman star Jenna Coleman, Childs spoke with Bleeding Cool about his work on the Netflix TV adaptation of The Sandman, directing episodes two- five, how creator Neil Gaiman served as a creative buffer against the more toxic parts[...]
Third Eye: Felicia Day’s Magic Sauce in Audio Comedy is Snarky Comedy
Mainstream studios just don't want anything considered too geeky, and this series is by and for an audience that has consumed copious amounts of Neil Gaiman (who narrates it), Douglas Adams, Buffy, Fantasy series, and Young Adult fiction. The dynamic of Third Eye that recalls BBC Radio 4 comedies is the show's ability to cast not[...]