Joe Quesada Looks To The Infinite Future Of Marvel

Joe Quesada Looks To The Infinite Future Of Marvel

This is Joe Quesada's new Twitter icon. It is labelled Infinite.jpg and shows the sign for Infinity. He tweets;

The future of storytelling is ∞

The possibilities are ∞

The future is ∞

I understand that whatever this is in reference to, it it all about Marvel's plans for the future. With SXSW round the corner, could this be the all-you-can-eat Marvel digital catalogue, new and old, Netflix style that people have been clamouring for?

Or is it, as I favour, something that's rather Avengers Versus X-Men related?

Could every issue end, or reboot with issue infinity? Who knows? I don't.

But I thought I'd start with ten easy jokes that this could be the answer for and you can go from there.

1. How many issues Brian Bendis could write of Avengers in a month is he wanted to.

2. How may times CB Cebulski will be able to go round the world on Marvel's dime.

3.  How many message boards Steve Wacker posts on.

4. How many Formspring questions Tom Brevoort can answer in his lunch break.

5. How large is Greg Land's photo reference collection.

6. How many ordered copies of Avengers Vs X-Men would have been enough for Marvel.

7. How many Warren Worthington III's can dance on the head of a pin.

8. How many roads must Ghost Rider drive down, until they make a threequel.

9. How long will Joe Quesada stay at his job.

10. How long it will take Marvel to settle the Kirby lawsuit.




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