Jughead Is A Hamburger Wizard: Little Archie And His Pals One Shot Review

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Little Archie is timeless. Since the introduction of the series in 1956, Little Archie and His Pals have enjoyed the spotlight through the years. When Art Baltazar and Franco revived the series a few years ago (with an adorable DC comics crossover) I immediately had the series on my pull list. Their take on Little Archie is refreshing and fun, especially given the current landscape of Archie comics. So when Archie announced a Little Archie and Friends one-shot, I was over the moon.

jugheadwizardIn it we find that Archie's day isn't off to the best start. After a strange red cat incinerates his homework, things immediately proceed to only get weirder. This mischievous cat shares his static electricity powers with the denizens of Riverdale Elementary, and hilarity ensues. But the real star of this book is Jughead. He's only a background character, but he can summon hamburgers almost instantly by just being Jughead. While most of his powers can be explained (he stashes burgers in desks and trees) it still fits into the theme of this book.


I sincerely hope Archie Comics release more Little Archie books. Art and Franco are comedic geniuses that use simplistic, child like art to draw readers of all ages in. It's easy to lose yourself in this world since it's just plain fun.

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