Kyle Baker To Launch Ongoing Sequel To 'Why I Hate Saturn'


I read Kyle Baker's graphic novel Why I Hate Saturn when I was seventeen and it pretty much changed the way I thought comics could be. And I wanted to read more of them. And there wasn't any. Love And Rockets felt too serious, Cerebus was too politically driven, David Chelsea In Love was just too pathetic.

In fact, since then, the frank, smart, entertaining and lyrical discussions, presented with such graphic expression, has pretty much only just been caught up with by graphic media by comics like Sex Criminals and TV shows like Girls. And there aren't many of either.

But, twenty-five years later, there will be.

In 2012, Bleeding Cool reported that Kyle Baker had reacquired the rights to the graphic novel and was looking at doing more chapters.unnamed (7)

But now as the graphic novel is serialised digitally on ComiXology, we get the confirmation of a full Why I Hate Saturn ongoing series to follow.

And if you haven't read the original do so. It's available digitally, sample pages below,




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